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Large School Glass Cases

Custom made large school display cases are much in demand by universities, colleges, schools procurement agents. Some are interested in modern looking glass cases, some agents like them with the industrial look and the classic solid wood look is also popular. Pre assembled glass trophy cases are very much in demand. When you receive them basically all you have to do is install the shelves in and place the sliding doors in the correct position. It generally does take thirty minutes or less to install a large school trophy display case. A substantial saving is realized in labor costs and accessorial charges such as installation and construction. Additionally there is no surprise and you see immediately what you are getting. Large trophy cases are delivered all crated using what is called skeleton type crating. It takes minutes to unpack them. Throwing away the wooden packaging is easy and inexpensive. Since large trophy cases are always mounted on rollers they are easy to move around. Handy men do rely on levelers to fully put them into place. Pre assembled trophy cases is definitely the way to go.


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