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Door Systems on Glass Showcases

Since the width of free standing glass tower cases can go anywhere between fourteen to twenty two inches display showcases manufacturers will invariably mount lockage glass hinged doors on them. On the other end wall glass showcases may measure from thirty inches to seven feet in width. In some instances when the glass showcase is forty inches or less end users may require a couple of hinged doors to be installed in the front. The overall reason for this is to avoid the look of the two overlapping doors in the center front of the glass showcase. This option is functionally acceptable since neither of the two doors is too heavy. The issue here is to minimize the pressure and stress on the top and bottom door hinges. Consequently it is easy to understand why any wall case over forty eight inches wide should be manufactured only with sliding glass doors. When over twenty four inches the whole mass of glass tends to be top heavy. Hinged doors would be hard to open and the continuous stress on the hardware and frame of the glass showcase may cause them to fall.


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