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Refacing Display Cabinets

With time solid wood and laminated display cabinets will start showing wear and tear. Some retailers will choose to replace their cabinets with new ones. Others will try to have them resurfaced. The second option only applies to the part of the cabinets that are fully visible. Resurfacing has to economically make sense since the whole operation is labor intensive and requires attentive, detailed, experienced workmanship. The removal of the old laminate or the filling of gaps, marks in as well as the removal and cleaning of the adhesives are very time consuming. Extensive sanding is always required. Considering laminated cabinets the cutting of new strips, edge banding and gluing may prove itself cost prohibitive. Multiple strips of small dimension may have to be cut and glued to replace existing ones just like putting a puzzle together. One should know that the restore raw surface of any given cabinet is never as clean as when new. Residues of all kinds may still persists diminishing the adhesion process and results of the new laminates on the existing cabinets. At the end it comes to an equation between purchasing new cabinets and the total labor costs involved in resurfacing them.


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