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How to Finish the Deck of Your Jewelry Showcase

Some fifteen years ago it was very common to see mirrored decks on most glass jewelry showcases. Then as things got more refined the deck of the glass display area became finished the same way as the rest of the cabinets. However now you will see mostly fabric covered floor boards on the deck of all glass jewelry showcases. A wide range of colors, materials, textures, thickness is available when looking at fabrics. They will create a warm contrast between your overall cabinetry finish and the category of jewelry you are planning to display. Fabric covered floor boards can be easily installed, removed for clean up and dusting off or replacement. By the end of the day when removing their jewelry from their glass case most jewelers will just lift the whole floor board and place it in their safe. Floor boards offer an infinite array of variations for the glass display area and are common everywhere.


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