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Custom Cabinets and Showcases

Fewer and fewer glass display showcases manufacturers are willing to produce just a few pieces of custom made cabinets and showcases. The study of the projected design, how to manufacture it in a cost effective way and the skills necessary to get them completed are all primary factors. Most established companies will require large quantity runs to get the order going. Custom made cabinets require unique sizing, often unusual shapes, very defined molding work and custom finishing. High quality custom cabinet
work starts with the wood selection then goes to a computerized CNC router first. The interpretation of the drawings and how to enter them into the CNC program is often the subject of many back and forth between the customer and he manufacturer therefore causing unwanted delays. Custom glass display showcases on the other hand may involve custom curved glass panels that are not only hard to get but also expensive. Some manufacturers though are well geared to this niche market and very creative about it.


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