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Display Cases for Antique Stores

Individual antiques stores and antiques malls sell a mix of furniture,
vintage lamps, statues, collectibles and precious crystalware. Finding
your way through such a combination of ecclectic items is no easy task
. While furniture has its dedicated space, smaller unique items are
displayed inside glass display cases. Tall and wide wall display cases
are the most practical displays to show all these authentic items in a
distinctive way. All glass display cases will work best. Some of them
have a glass top. Others have a wood top canopy with halogen or LED
lighting. Display cases for antique stores are built tall with many
fully adjustable glass shelves. Tall crystal vases, compact bronze
statues, porcelain figurines require each shelf to be adjusted at
different heights. Since some of the display cases are up to six feet
wide a center metal support need to be installed to hold the glass
shelf firmly and safely. Such large wall display cases have lockable
sliding doors on the front and a discreet brushed silver framing will
hold the glass panels together. Hinged glass doors are not
recommended. Since the display cases are over four feet wide each
hinged glass door would be too heavy and put excessive pressure on the
hinges. It is surprising to see how many antique pieces you end up
displaying in a full vision wall display case. Placed alongside the
perimeter of the space they will leave more than enough space for the
furniture and large pieces in the center. Two styles and designs are
the most common. The simple streamline glass and metal framing models
with a laminated cabinet at the bottom are more economical. More
classical antique stores will opt for solid wood display cases with
various decorative wood moldings and different stain finishes. They
will provide for a warmer feeling that will entice any customer to
spend more time in the store. Antiques shopping is a small and
enjoyable luxury. It is always an added pleasure to be able to see
each item by itself, well preserved, in a clean and well maintained
display case.


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