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Elongated Pedestal Trophy Cases

Museums, conservatories, universities, historical societies have to devise ways to show their audience items of unusual sizes. Mannequins,statues, replicas, artifacts are examples of odd size objects to display. Fortunately pedestal trophy cases can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes. A typical example is to figure how to display the wood reproduction of an eighteenth century navy ship. Since the ship is unusually wide with somewhat tall masts and sails the pedestal trophy case top display area should be custom made. Wide and tall tempered glass panels can be assembled to meet the sizes requirements. The glass to glass construction coupled with optically clear adhesive will guarantee the impeccable visibility of the contents. Accordingly the wood base of the pedestal trophy case will be built sturdy to support the weight of the glass. Elongated pedestal trophy cases may be built as wide as five feet following the glass to glass construction. If any wider a metal framing joining the glass panels is highly recommended.


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