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Commercial Display Cabinets

Corporate offices, institutions, retail stores are prime customers of commercial display cabinets. Open shelving, storage areas, work tables, desks, fully enclosed wall showcases are much in demand. Commercial display cabinets are pretty much always custom made. The manufacturing company in charge of the millwork will complete the project from architectural drawings or blue print. Since this category of custom cabinets is very labor intensive commercial cabinets are made of solid wood with veneers applied on the surfaces. Once assembled the commercial display cabinets will be stained to fit the d├ęcor of the space. Since the completed commercial cabinets are to fit within a space with strict limitations the accuracy of the accuracy of the craftsmanship is essential. Once the overall installation is done an expert cabinet maker will add up all the moldings wood work, While there may be some irregularities or gaps on the walls against which the commercial display cabinets are installed a professional installer will correct them at this time. The addition of wood moldings will give either a classical, antique or modern look to the custom cabinets.


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