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Sunglass Display Case For Home

You don’t have just one shirt, so why only have just one pair of sunglasses? For those whose collections have overwhelmed their side tables, Tecno Display offers a variety sunglass display cases for home. With lock and LED options, your glasses can look as good off your face as on it! Sunglass display case for homes are a great way to show off your collection while keeping it safe, clean, and accessible at all times. A variety of color options to make your sunglass display case fit right into your home décor, as well as a variety of sizes to accommodate both starter and large collections. Contact our office to upgade your sunglass storage system today!

Glass Display Cabinets For Sale

Tecno Display has the best glass display cabinets for sale on the market. Manufactured to order in the US, our glass display cabinets are built to last and to fulfill any need. Quality laminate, a range of solid wood veeners, and standard tempered glass make out glass display cabinets for sale a great investment for businesses that are just starting or looking for a new look. Made to last decades, buying our glass display case for sale may be the last time you’ll have to shop for your display needs for the rest of your business lifetime. Contact our office with your glass display cabinet needs so we can find the best product for you to help you on your projects.

Museum Quality Display Case

To ensure that artifacts from the past are preserved in their best state for future generations to enjoy and research is at the core of any museum. Limiting access to contaminates is the first priority, and our museum quality display cases are able to do just that while presenting the artifacts with modern style. Museum quality display cases can be customized for any museum, store, or even personal displays where the security and longevity of your belongings are paramount. The long life of our display cases ensure protection from dust, excess moisture, and grabby fingers for twenty plus years. Our museum quality display cases come with a variety of constructions, colors, wood materials, and glass options to fit any need for any business.

Trophy Displays

Tecno Display has a large variety of glass display cases. Our most flexible glass display cases are our wall and trophy displays. These trophy displays can be used for most projects, whether store openings, doctor offices, home projects, special events, etc. Many of our trophy displays have plenty of room to showcase special items and plenty of extra storage space, making the case usable for different projects. Our trophy displays also have impeccable lighting and adjustable shelves, making no items too small or too big to showcase. Trophy displays have a variety of options and extra options to choose from, regarding color, lighting, glass, doors, etc. Because of all of our options, trophy displays can be perfect no matter the event. If however, our trophy display options still aren't enough, Tecno Display specializes in building and designing custom trophy displays. We can customize anything needed on our trophy displays, from finishes to dimensions to even the glass.

Cash Wrap Counters

Cash wrap counters allow you to observe the general activity in your location. They're the place where paperwork is organized and work gets completed. Cash wrap counters are a meeting point for you and the customer. They are where customers stop by to ask questions, start conversation, pay for items, complete paperwork, and much more. Cash wrap counters should be easy to use, practical, and attractive. Cash wrap counters can come in different designs. They can be produced as individual units or as part of a large configuration depending on your needs and space. A variety of laminates and solid wood veneers are available. Cash wrap counters are used by retail stores, large corporations, doctor offices, dental offices, schools, and many more places.

Museum Display Cabinets

Museums, universities, high-end jewelry stores, and other companies utilize museum display cabinets. There are variety of different shapes and sizes when is comes to museum display cabinets. Pedestals, island showcases, and pedestal tops are some of the different museum display cabinets. Museum display cabinets need to be manufactured with extreme attentions to detail as they protect the content from theft, dust, and humidity. Take in consideration that protecting is not restricting. Museum display cabinets are extraordinary to exhibit and protect any content. The variety of different museum display cabinets allow to display any size content in an attractive environment. They exhibit every detail of the content to obtain and hold the best of the exhibition.

Tower Displays

At Tecno Display we provide incredible tower displays. Glass tower displays are perfect for showcasing any item like merchandise, trophies or collectible items. These tower displays don't take up much room either, making this case perfect for any space or event. Tower displays are perfect for stores, museums, homes, etc. Tower displays also have great features like LED lighting, sliding glass doors and a variety of color choices. A great example of our modern tower displays is the W702. This display case is easy to view on all sides and is easy to access and move. The W702 is a stunning tower display that is built to last. All of Tecno's tower displays, like the W702, are quality built, perfect for showcasing items and stunning

Counter Display Cases

The value of counter display cases are very important to clothing retailers, jewelry stores, artisan craft boutiques, gift shops, and simply anyone that wants to display their valuables. For those displaying merchandise, counter display cases tempt their shoppers into purchasing an additional item or items. They are used to impulse sales by displaying those items in an attractive environment. Counter display cases enhance the look of any product which will help increase sales. For those that just want to display their valuables, counter display cases are perfect to make those items stand out. Counter display cases are small and convenient saving everyone space. Counter display cases are available standard or may be custom made. They are simply the perfect touch to any counter so items can be shown in a clean, safe, and attractive environment.

Glass Wall Display Cases

Glass wall display cases are used to display and protect goods. They may be customized to any size and finish to fit anyone’s needs. They can be mounted directly onto, or recessed into the wall taking no floor space. They add a great touch to empty space on the walls. Glass wall display cases are often used by jewelry stores to display merchandise they have for sale. Not only are glass wall display cases used by jewelry stores, but often used by various institutions such as Hospitals, Governments, Universities, and more. They are perfect to display trophies, awards, and other various retail or exhibition products. Glass wall display cases are truly beautiful and useful!

Jewelry Showcase Display

A jewelry showcase display should provide enough space for the salesperson to easily access the merchandise. A jewelry showcase display can have a modern or traditional look depending on your wants and needs. There are a variety of jewelry showcase displays to select from. To successfully display your merchandise do the following: examine your area, choose the proper display form, select the best lighting to highlight your work, consider the color of the jewelry showcase display, and maintain a professional image of the jewelry case. It is important to examine your area to select the size of the jewelry showcase display and to make sure there is still enough space around for your employees and customers. Knowing what type of merchandise and how much of that merchandise will be displayed needs to be considered to make the merchandise is being displayed properly. To make your merchandise stand out the right lighting and color must be selected to make sure the merchandise does not get lost. Finally, keeping the jewelry showcase display clean and professional will provide a more attractive look.

Counter Top Display Cases

There is nothing more convenient than Tecno Display's counter top display cases. These counter top displays are are small and lightweight, making them perfect for any type of trade show, even or project. Counter top display cases can hold anything from jewelry to limited edition collectible items. These showcases are small, gorgeous and built with the very best quality materials. At Tecno Display, we make sure every display case is built to its absolute finest, especially our counter top display cases. We also can create custom counter top display cases. Whether its custom lighting, dimensions or something completely different entirely, Tecno display can create it. Because counter top display cases are small and light weight, they are also fast to produce. While most items take roughly two weeks to build, counter top display cases can usually be manufactured within a week! These display cases also come with a variety of standard options like lighting or door options that can make the display stand out. Our counter top display cases are sure to dazzle anyone who walks near them. At Tecno Display, we will work with our customers to make sure we can deliver the most impeccable counter top display cases, matching perfectly to our customers idea or design.

Wall Mounted Showcases

At Tecno Display, wall mounted showcases are one of our top selling displays and its easy to see why. Wall mounted showcases are perfect for displaying art, merchandise or any collectible item. These wall mounted showcases are light weight, easy to set up and easy to move. Wall displays are also strong and sturdy as well as light weight. We have a variety of wall mounted showcases from unique display designs to completely custom wall mounted showcases. We can also customize our wall mounted showcases from custom dimensions to custom laminate. We also can add extra options to wall displays like adding a mirror back, a top canopy or extra lighting. Wall mounted showcases are perfect for any event, store or personal project.

Glass Showcases

Glass showcases are the delicate balance of function and looks. They are ideal to display and protect your belongings. They keep items free from dust but still visible. Glass showcases allow the glass to give off the illusion of a more expansive room. They come in many styles and designs to fit your needs. Glass showcases may be used at home, stores, museums, events, etc. They are simply for anyone that needs to store and display any items.

Glass Counter Display

Glass counter display cases are an excellent choice for showcasing items in a very visible and up close manner. These small cases come in a variety of configurations that in certain models resemble small tower like models and rectangular showcases designed for jewelers. These glass counter display cases generally come with the same features as their larger counter parts. This means that lighting, locking doors, and shelving come standard. Our glass counter displays fill a niche that very few cases can fill and Tecno Display is the manufacturer that has contributed disproportionately to offer the quality that it deserves.


A shadowbox is the one way to make your products highly visible, right in front of the viewer and put to good use your available wall space. Shadowboxes are fully assembled and ready to install. Tecno Display will manufacture them in the size you need. Just give us the width, height and depth: from very narrow to very tall and from very wide to very short. The back and/or deck of a shadowbox can be mirrored or solid wood, laminated. Should you wish to recess your shadowbox into a wall we can build a frame molding around the box to mask the connection between wall and box and to enhance the overall look of your display. Our shadowbox display will also enhance the exclusive and specific look of your store.