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Designing New Glass Cases

Visual designers, store planners, architects are constantly looking for new glass cases designs in order to create new looks. Creative new designs and functionality are the two major criterions when designing new glass cases models. Cost effectiveness or control which translates in affordability can be studied by an analysis on how to manufacture a glass case with as few steps as possible. Successful glass display cases designs have to meet a specific price point. In the industry this is referred to as perceived value. While a new glass case design should be developed in view of a specific need to be satisfied the cost factor is totally relevant to that need. The very many years of experience and craftsmanship of an established glass display showcases manufacturer will allow all these factors to come into play simultaneously. Needless to say that profitable and innovative showcases designs are a direct result of the observation of the latest consumers needs in the field.

Quality Control in the Glass Display Case Industry

Glass showcase are large items essentially made of glass and cabinets and are shipped fully assembled to destinations all over the country. While the packaging and crating of any given glass case should be done professionally the previous steps of quality control are even more important. It all starts with the inspection of the raw materials and components involved in the manufacturing of glass cases. The accuracy and finish of the cabinetry should be flawless. All the glass panels of the future glass case should be clear without any scratches, streaks, cracks. The hardware ought to be in perfect mechanical order and its functioning thorough fully tested. Lighting components that will be fitted in different areas of the glass case should be tested before assembly by the technical department. Only then the complete assembly of the glass showcase can start. Once completed the finished glass case should be inspected a few times to make sure that all fits tightly and cleanly. Once uncrated a glass case is hardly returnable. Therefore efficient quality control procedures are a cost saving element of any glass display case company.

The Manufacturing of Glass Top Pedestals

Museum curators and retail customers do need glass top pedestals in many different sizes and shapes. While manufacturing a rectangular or square glass top pedestal is hardly a challenge the requests for specific large sizes may be. When the width or depth of the glass top exceeds forty inches the weight of the top glass panel becomes an issue. Since the vast majority of the glass top pedestals are made of tempered or laminated glass any top glass panel that is ten square feet and up is heavy. From a manufacturing stand point sufficient support needs to be built in all along the four sides of the wood pedestal base. Needless to say that center support is not an option when considering glass top pedestals. Strong lateral support is accomplished by using high quality and accurately cut glass on the sides. The glass panels should also sit tightly in the bottom cabinet top grooves. Most importantly the structural integrity of an extra large glass top pedestal will be guaranteed by a high standard quality construction and assembly.

Display Cabinets for the Optical Industry

The optical retail industry can easily be divided into two groups nowadays. First you have the large chains companies with a multitude of stores and franchises all over the country. Most often no matter where they are located they have the same look and are using the same kind of store fixtures. Since they are discounters and target the middle to low end of the market their optical display cabinets are very basic and white slate wall is in abundance within their showroom areas. On the other end you will find individual specialty and high end optical retail stores. Since they are carrying designers brands that may be high priced all items need to be displayed within attractive and well made display cabinets. Some of the optical display cabinets are promotional display showcases that are supplied by the frames manufacturers. Others are custom cabinets custom made for the optical industry. When designing and manufacturing the optical cabinets the emphasis is to come up with sleek and unique designs. Optical glass display showcases should combine a warm, inviting feeling with a touch of extreme modernity.

Seamless Glass Showcases

The glass to glass seamless construction on glass display showcases tops is more and more common. What was before the exclusive of museum exhibit areas and art galleries is now present in many sectors of the retail industry and of the institutional market. Solid wood base pedestals with a frameless glass top are visually very attractive. Since there is no hardware on the way the contents are fully visible. For the same reason retail jewelry stores are utilizing jewelry cases with a glass to glass construction on the top display area more frequently. With the recent development of totally clear adhesives that can be applied uniformly between the glass panels one can get absolutely bonding results. The adhesives have become invisible and the bonding is as resistant as the glass panels. When applied to tempered glass the finished glass tops can last forever in the same original condition. Many glass display showcases manufacturers are now using this effective process.

Wall Hung Shadow Boxes for Schools

Schools and institutions have announcements, notices, regulations, time tables to display regularly and they should be visible to all for as long as they are valid. Protecting them from the weather, from the dust, humidity and from being snatched is of primary concern to the institutions maintenance personnel. Having them enclosed in wall hung shadow boxes is the best way to preserve them. Shadow boxes are either made of wood or metal with a lockable glass door in the front. Generally such a wall shadow box will have a backing such as cork for example where pins can be inserted. These pins will keep the documents or notices in place. Wall shadow boxes can be manufactured in many sizes and with or without lighting. They do not take much time to install and are easy to clean. Equipped with a quality and reliable locking mechanism the doors can be opened and closed whenever you choose to update or change the documents. Wall shadow boxes are economical and a onetime expense that will save trouble, time and surprises.

Glass Museum Cases

Museums of natural history are the subject of regular and constant visits by students all over. In addition to the permanent exhibits curators will feature temporary or traveling exhibits over a limited period. In the case of natural history museums the artifacts to be displayed will vary considerably in size, weight and look. Glass display showcases manufacturers have designed collections of glass museum showcases that are fit to this purpose. Square, rectangular museum glass pedestals are common feature in museums. They can be easily mounted on industrial casters for easy movement in and out of the exhibit areas. They are flexible and can be made in a wide variety of glass display areas dimensions. They will accommodate all sizes of memorabilia, books, specimens, sculptures, minerals and paintings. With a cabinetry usually made in high quality and durable laminates movable glass museum cases will last a long time and even easy to transport from one location to the next one. Built in storage is an additional feature. It does help securing the corresponding documentation associated to the specific exhibit.

Glass Cases for Showrooms

Car dealerships, companies showrooms, auction houses previews rooms are always in search of the best way to display their accessories, prototypes, sculptures and artwork. The choice is between wall glass cases, free standing glass towers and more frequently glass top pedestals. Every glass case should accentuate the unique character of the piece on display and show it to its full advantage. The purpose of glass showcases in this type of environment is educational and promotional. Full visibility within the glass display area is therefore essential. All the facets and details of the article on display should be visible to the public. Glass cases with LED lighting are very good at that. The lighting will spread all over the glass case in an even fashion. Quality, attention to details, innovation of the product or article is of most interest here. A well manufactured and appropriate glass case will help make this clearly visible to the viewer.

Large School Glass Cases

Custom made large school display cases are much in demand by universities, colleges, schools procurement agents. Some are interested in modern looking glass cases, some agents like them with the industrial look and the classic solid wood look is also popular. Pre assembled glass trophy cases are very much in demand. When you receive them basically all you have to do is install the shelves in and place the sliding doors in the correct position. It generally does take thirty minutes or less to install a large school trophy display case. A substantial saving is realized in labor costs and accessorial charges such as installation and construction. Additionally there is no surprise and you see immediately what you are getting. Large trophy cases are delivered all crated using what is called skeleton type crating. It takes minutes to unpack them. Throwing away the wooden packaging is easy and inexpensive. Since large trophy cases are always mounted on rollers they are easy to move around. Handy men do rely on levelers to fully put them into place. Pre assembled trophy cases is definitely the way to go.

Glass Display Cases Tops

Trade show exhibitors and jewelry sales people need glass display cases that are light, well built and easy to carry. Since trade show booths include as standard items a couple of tables with chairs exhibitors only need to bring with them the top glass display area portion. This has proved to be a practical and economical solution to their merchandise presentation in many locations. Due to the very tight business conditions of the last few years retailers have chosen to purchase only glass display cases tops instead of full showcases. It saves them money on the cost of their display cases in as well as on the transportation costs. Afterwards they will have their cabinet bases made by a local wood worker or carpenter. The savings look attractive at first. Though the costs of having locally made cabinets to match might end up being surprisingly high. Also it is not easy to match the quality standards of the two components. Nevertheless the trend towards the purchase of glass display cases tops is persistent and is nowadays a specific category for all glass display showcases manufacturers.

Pull Out Decks On Glass Jewelry Showcases

Retail jewelry stores are purchasing quarter vision jewelry showcases to create attractive and functional display configurations within their showroom area. Some will choose straight and angled showcases while others will opt for different radiuses of curved jewelry showcases. From a salesperson point of view accessing the jewelry items inside the glass display area may be done in a few ways. Drop down glass doors were popular during many years. Then lockable glass sliding doors became the norm and still are for most stores. High end retailers do favor pull out decks on their glass jewelry display cases. They give a more luxurious look to their jewelry presentation. The jewelry items are more accessible since pulling out the deck is all it takes to pick up a jewelry item. Additionally the sales person does not have to bend all the way down to reach out for the jewelry and can keep talking to the customer at all times. This definitely is a plus as far as salesmanship is concerned.

Light Boxes and Glass Display Cases

Installing lit boxes inside the top canopy of wall display cases or in the bottom cabinet of jewelry showcases has primarily a promotional purpose. In both cases a cut off will be done on the front face of the cabinet. It will be covered with an acrylic sheet cut to size. On the acrylic sheet the logo, company name, collection name of the represented company will be silk screened or in printed. The look of the glass display showcase will be enhanced with the installation of light tubes inside the cabinet to brighten the representation on the acrylic sheet. Brands, corporations, convention centers, event planners will often order glass display cases with light boxes inserted from glass display cases manufacturers. It is a compact and effective way to advertise any new products, event or occasion.

Recessed Wall Shadow Boxes and Frames

In most instances shadow boxes displays are simply hung or attached to the wall and are located in easily accessible areas. Jewelry stores and art galleries prefer to have their shadow boxes recessed into the walls. In many ways the recessed look is more elegant and gives a more luxurious feel to the space. Jewelers and art gallery owners though are very dependent on the structure of the space where they are located. It is much easier to have the wall shadow boxes recessed in new buildings or where the walls are hollow inside. Any solid wall such as brick etc… will prohibit such an installation. Once the space has been secured to install the recessed wall shadow box proper and adequate ventilation should be built in for safety reasons. Since most often there will be a slight gap between the outside borders of the shadow box and the indent or hole into the wall contractors will build a frame around the box. The frame will hide the gap, allow for adjustments and give a touch of elegance to the whole display.

How to Display Your Trophies and Memorabilia

Counter top cases, glass top pedestals, large wall glass display cases are available to display all kinds of collection of trophies. Individual collectors, associations, groups, schools and universities will purchase them to group together their recognition items. What used to be called collectibles cases now falls under the wider category of trophy cases. When considering buying a glass trophy case one should take into account the number and sizes of the items to be displayed now and project as well what they are planning to add up to the group. When needing a vast amount of glass display area wall glass trophy cases are highly recommended. The wall trophy showcases may be as wide as seven feet and as tall as eighty inches. With their multiple fully adjustable shelves they will accommodate most large collections. On the other hand glass top trophy pedestals are best to show a unique large trophy or commemorative piece. Manufacturers are supplying many trophy showcases models for the recognition industry.

Window Display Cases

Attracting the walking traffic is essential for retail stores. Architects have understood this well. In most shopping centers and newer buildings the front windows go all the way from ceiling to floor. In return this gives a lot of flexibility to store planners and designers as to what types of displays to use in the open window space. Depending on the size and shape of the given window different styles of glass display showcases may be appropriate. The dilemma is to show as much merchandise to the outside traffic without blocking the view inside of the store. Glass top pedestals on legs or a solid cabinet are probably the best way to reach this goal. Suspended glass shadow boxes using metal cables enables to highlight significant items without creating a wall effect within the window. All see through wall cases with minimal cabinetry is another alternative. Since the merchandise displayed in the windows will be accessible from within the inside of the retail space the window has the function of a promotional and sales space.