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Buying Only a Display Case Top Section

The top glass display area of jewelry showcases and pedestals may be
manufactured separately from their solid base.Keeping a small two
inches high plate to hold the glass panels firm is sufficient. Trade
show exhibitors will find that ordering only the display case top
section has a few advantages. The display is easier to carry and to
set up during the exhibit and it is less expensive to ship from one
trade show to the next one.Some conventional customers will choose to
have their jewelry showcase base cabinet built locally.Retailers may
also choose to set up their new glass display top section on an
existing base cabinet. The challenge is for the two components to fit
well together. When ordering the top glass area dimensions accuracy is
essential. As with a complete glass showcase the glass display area
area may be manufactured in different heights, depths and widths. They
can be made with a glass to glass construction or with metal framing
joining the glass panels. Lighting such as LED or halogen can be added
to the display case top section as an option. All the electrical
components and wiring are directly accessible from under the base
plate. Once the display case top section has been received the
consumer will be free to connect the electrical through the base
cabinet for their own purpose. Getting everything to fit and work well
is challenging. Two different parties are working independently on the
two main components of the showcase. Recently we are seeing more
buyers choosing to purchase jewelry showcase and pedestal top sections

American Made Display Cases Versus Import

In today's market a lower price may convince you to buy an imported
display case versus a domestic made one. At first glance overseas made
glass cases are considerably cheaper. If you choose to go that way you
may expect a number of drawbacks. First it may take up to three months
to get the display case delivered, second the showcase may arrive
damaged and you will have little to no recourse. When buying standard
imported display cases your choice of colors and finishes is almost
nonexistent. Then if any component is missing or non functioning you
are by yourself and have to make do.Basically you take the display as
it is and make the best of it. No exchange, no return please. What may
have sound as a bargain now reveals itself as continuous aggravation.
The whole issue is what are you getting for your money when buying a
new display case. A domestic glass display case manufacturer will
guarantee a strict delivery time for your order. Should any quality
issues happen on receipt they will be handled promptly,
professionally. Qualified personnel will assist you before and after
the sale.You will always have someone to go back to concerning your
display cases needs. Choices of models, looks, options, finishes,
changes are there with domestic display cases manufacturers. Should
you need some additional display cases to match the look of previous
ones they will be available. You will benefit from a uniform quality
and high standards. All and all everything will be under control and
you will be free to make the best display cases decisions.

Glass Display Showcases and Their Maintenance

You have just finished to unpack your glass display showcase. After a
thorough inspection everything looks fine: no streaks on the glass,
the cabinetry is flawless, the doors close tight and the glass
showcase stands straight. It is ready to be installed and filled up
with merchandise. Just as any other piece of equipment a display
showcase is susceptible to wear and tear over time and ought to be
maintained regularly. Locks may break down, lights will need to be
replaced, some hardware will fail, cabinets can be scratched and so
on.....Glass display cases are handled by so many different
individuals over a long period of time. You want to be able to take
care of all these issues quickly as they happen. Your main resource is
the original manufacturer you bought the showcase from. A domestic
well established company does have a consistent after the sale
customer support. Years after the original purchase the domestic
manufacturer will send you locks, hardware, light bulbs, glass panels,
shelves to keep your glass display showcase in perfect functioning
condition. A manufacturer has a stake in keeping their original
customers happy and feeling safe for many years.It is good policy and
the way to run a stable company. From a marketing standpoint helping
your customers with outstanding technical support is a guarantee that
they will return to you for their next display showcase purchase.
Helping and making sure that your customers are happy at all times
with their display showcase creates strong business relationships.

Rethinking the Cabinet Look of Your Showcases

Until recently showcases cabinetry had a number of predictable
finishes.Black, white, oak, maple, cherry,mahogany were the norm.
Store designers started to look for unique and eye catching laminate
finishes to give a well defined accent to their project. Textured,
bright, creative laminate finishes are more and more common. Their
look is exciting to the eye and peaceful, open at the same time. Some
of the showcases cabinets you see nowadays have some kind of
futuristic look. Showcases and cabinets built for luxury brands are
the perfect illustration of this phenomena. When painted the showcases
cabinetry is both peaceful and stimulating. The color tone is what
matters. When using a surface laminate the creative finish and
texturing will make a difference. Designers are more daring and
simultaneously the public is enjoying all the new cabinets looks.

Maximize Your Jewelry Showcase Use

Visibility of the products displayed is the single most important
factor when purchasing a jewelry showcase. Traditional quarter vision
jewelry showcases are widely used by the jewelry industry to present
unique items to the potential customers. There is a direct relation
between the overall cost of the display showcase and the full amount
of merchandise it is displaying. On the other end the look of the
jewelry showcase must correspond to the price ranges of the
merchandise it contains. Half vision jewelry cases are attractive in
many ways. You can display in them twice the amount of merchandise on
two shelves. You also have the benefit of an ample lockable storage
area below. Half vision jewelry showcases will accommodate more less
expensive merchandise using the same square footage as a conventional
jewelry showcase. The storage below allows for refill merchandise to
be kept at reach. Packaging, gift boxes and others are right there
when needed. The half vision jewelry showcase is your compact, self
contained selling station. It can be installed standing by itself in
the selling area for customers to walk around. More frequently you
will see them aligned next to each other. Having a large glass display
area and a substantial storage space together saves time and energy.
Less running around and more time dedicated to the customers for more

Unique Trophy Cases for Any Award

Many trophies and awards are of irregular size and will not fit in a
standard trophy case. The unusual height and weight of a trophy are
particular specifications that should be addresses when purchasing a
brand new glass trophy showcase. Manufacturers build custom made,
tempered glass cases for large and heavy trophies. They use much
thicker tempered glass, stronger shelf supports and reinforced base
cabinets, The construction of this type of custom trophy case is more
consuming and requires a high attention to details. Trophies are
collectibles and to be kept forever. The display containing it should
be all the more study and reliable. This is true glass top pedestals
and wall glass trophy showcases. They are the two main display
categories utilized to display trophies and awards. Building a heavy
duty wall glass trophy case is a challenge. It requires a strong
structure and much reinforcement during the assembly process. Fully
adjustable glass shelves are required to conform with the different
heights of the trophies to be displayed. Solid center dividers within
the glass display area are an efficient way to strengthen the whole
showcase. One way or another trophy cases do come with many cabinet
variations. It makes them all the more interesting.

Wall Showcases for a Narrow Space

The amount and configuration of the space available to install your
wall showcase can vary a lot. In some instances you have to work with
a corridor, hallway or a deep and narrow environment. It is no easy
task to figure out how to take full advantage of what you have
available. There are two ways to go about it. You can select a floor
wall showcase which does not exceed ten inches in depth or you can opt
for a wall mounted shadow box. A slim pre assembled wall showcase is
an attractive option. With a tall cabinet at the bottom and a glass
area on top the wall showcase combines storage space and highly
visible displaying. For stability any narrow wall showcase needs to be
attached to the wall behind. This is done by drilling holes through
the back of the top and bottom cabinets and fitting some screws into
the wall. Multiple glass shelves placed at eye level will make for a
good linear display. The bottom cabinet of a narrow wall showcase
should be at least thirty inches tall while the glass area ought to be
all at eye level. The second choice is more flexible and economical. A
custom wall shadow box usually does not exceed six to nine inches.
They can be manufactured from very small to tall and narrow or very
wide with one or two shelves. A wall showcase such as a shadow box can
be made to fit exactly in that narrow space. You can use it singly or
a few together. To be visually effective the wall showcase should be
also set up at eye level. Always remember that in a narrow space there
is no room to bend down and look at merchandise! Designers will
compensate for the lack of depth by making these wall showcases taller
than a conventional wall unit. Since all are attached to the walls
behind there is way more flexibility in the sizing of wall showcases
for a narrow space.

Glass Showcases to Protect All You Need

From collectibles to artwork and crystal ware you may consider a glass showcase as the best way to do it. should it be a single piece, a few items or a whole collection there is a glass showcase to fill the purpose. Small counter tops, midsize counter glass cases, free standing glass towers and large wall glass display showcases can help you with your display requirements. At home or in a store the first task is to see how much space you have available and to decide how many items you want to group together in a single glass case. Square, rectangular, hexagonal, round counter and tower glass cases are available from manufacturers. Quality and look can extremely vary. In the long run the best value is to purchase a well made glass case with lighting that will last many years and be trouble free. The same is true for large wall glass showcases.Clear tempered glass, fine cabinetry, professional construction, appropriate LED lighting, quality hardware are minimum requirements.A tightly assembled glass showcase will protect it contents from the dust, breakage, finger prints and excessive humidity. Over the long run it will save you much trouble and time. The self contained LED lighting will enhance the beauty and details of any article. A glass showcase is much like a piece of furniture. It should complement what you have already in your room or store.

Glass Showcases and Metal Framing Finish

Wall display showcases and free standing glass tower cases need to be structurally strong to withstand the test of time and be constantly functional. The metal framing that is holding the vertical glass panels together plays an important role in this respect. They keep the glass sides tight together, straight and at the correct angle. The glass showcase metal framing acts as the skeleton of the showcase. It keeps all components together. Glass showcases are manufactured with anodized framing. The typical choices are anodized gold, black and silver finishes. The finish of the extrusion should match the color of the cabinetry to make for an attractive glass showcase. Over the last couple of years a noticeable change has occurred in the kind of frame finish the end users are expecting. The brushed silver aluminum finish has by far become the most popular framing finish on all glass showcases. Everybody expects a clear non obtrusive look. The black and gold look now appears to detract from the full vision of the contents.
On the contrary the brushed silver is discreet and less visible. In many ways it fits more with the color of the glass within the overall look of the wall showcases and glass towers cases. It feels like nothing is on the way. The trend has been going stronger and it looks like it will continue.

Creative Display Cases

High end accessories, clothing and jewelry stores showcase a very unique image that identifies the brand they carry. International companies have long been associated with a glamorous, rich, high design look. The creative display cases you can see on their floor are a major component of the overall goal. Impeccable craftsmanship, attention to details, innovative shapes characterize these display cases. The treatment of the wood surfaces is carefully completed one each display case. Curved cabinetry on the wooden base and on the deck of the base area with an irregular radius is making the display cases all the more different from each other. Well defined metal structures designed in simple creative patterns give the display cases a clean and trademark look. Exclusive one a kind display cases are much like good furniture. They make you feel comfortable and alert. The glass top pedestals metal bases are fitted with perfectly polished hardware finished with brilliant chrome, brass, copper finishes. The jewelry display cases wood cabinets have precisely cut inserts, clean and discreet moldings. Well focused LED lighting,tiny spotlight holders increase the perceived value of highly priced contents.In many ways creative display cases are similar to museum display cases. With different design techniques they promote the unique and exceptional.

Art On a Pedestal

Home owners and art galleries look for pedestals to highlight the
artwork they want to show best. The pedestals are manufactured in
square, rectangular, even triangular shapes. They may be made in
different widths, heights, depths to accommodate each customer's
needs. The base materials to produce the pedestals may be a standard
laminate or solid wood veneer with a wide choice of stains. Your
standard pedestal will have five straight sides and sit on levelers.
As simple as it looks a pedestal is judged by the quality of its
assembly, how well the wood panels meet,the sharpness of the angles
and its structural strength. More custom pedestals will be circular or
oval for trade show exhibits and art collectors alike. Recessed top
pedestals, pedestals complemented with lockable storage areas or
drawers are other options. Antique looking art pedestals with two
tones staining and ornamental moldings fit well in homes. Pedestals
with a top circular rotative base are popular with art galleries as
attention getters. To further highlight the beauty of the artwork an
LED light source may be recessed inside the top portion of the
pedestal. A bronze or acrylic sculpture looks spectacular when raised
on a well made pedestal with the right amount of accent lighting.

Glass Display Showcases and Storage

Department stores and large specialty stores have much wall space to
utilize for display and storage purposes.Glassware, linens, household
sections carry large items that needs to be displayed and stored. In
order to satisfy these imperatives large built in wood showcases are
installed against the walls or recessed into them. Glassware and
crystal departments will use pre assembled,fully enclosed, lockable,
tempered glass wall display showcases singly or a few units tightly
next to each other. Since department stores have high ceilings there
is ample space left to accommodate some additional top storage.There
are two options to do it: the upper storage may be incorporated in the
glass display showcase. A wall display showcase with wood sides makes
it easy to have the whole unit built in one piece. For handling and
transportation reasons manufacturers may choose to build the upper
storage cabinet separately, This is particularly appropriate when the
whole glass display exceeds eighty inches in height.During the final
installation the upper storage cabinet will be bolted to the wall
right on top of the showcase canopy.Department stores carry a large
inventory of products and do have to maximize the use of all their
space. Large wall glass display cases with double storage is the
perfect way to do it.

Curved Corner Jewelry Showcases

With their various radius curved corner jewelry showcases are a class apart. Placed next to a group of straight linear jewelry cases they create a sense of infinite continuity. An inviting sense of open space available to all is immediately felt once the prospective customer enters the store. Curved corner jewelry showcases may be made in different lengths with each a corresponding radius. Depending on the marketing requirements curved jewelry showcases are manufactured in quarter, half, full vision. The majority of jewelry stores have the quarter vision type that allows for the direct and exclusive vision of the jewelry items inside. Building a full vision corner jewelry showcase is much of a challenge for manufacturers. A thirty eight inches tall panel of curved glass with a constant radius, impeccable clarity and no imperfections is hard to obtain. Fitting that large of a glass curved panel inside the groove of the base cabinet requires experienced craftsmanship. You may see some variance of look when visiting jewelry stores. Some curved jewelry showcases have a glass to glass construction on the front and sides. Some others have their glass panels joined with aluminum framing all around. Either way curved jewelry cases create a sense of comfort and intimacy in any retail or conventional space.

Assorted Wall Lit Shadow Boxes

There are original and entertaining ways to display some unique and surprising merchandise. Attached against a wall or hung up from the ceiling with metal cables a group of shadow boxes will make item look special.Shadow boxes are available in all sizes, with or without a door, with glass shelves or without. Some will choose a shadow box with a door while others will go for the totally open shadow box. Some can be as basic as five panels of wood assembled together with a colorful, vibrant finish. The basic shadow is very inexpensive to produce. A well placed grouping of different sizes shadow boxes will fill any wall and attract much attention. Hanging a few of them at interesting intervals and different heights in a front window is an eye catcher. With a touch of sparkling light each shadow box of the group will enhance its own products.

Quality and Reliable Counter-Top Glass Cases

When deciding on the type of glass case you will purchase you can choose between acrylic, regular glass curio and a quality and reliable counter-top showcase. While the initial investment in a quality counter-top is higher it has a great many advantages. Made of tempered glass, with strong hardware, efficient lighting and professional assembly it will last many years. All tightly assembled it will resist tears and scratches on the glass better. Halogen, LED lighting, fully adjustable shelves, quality locks are common features of all reliable counter-top cases. All will offer better and more flexible ways to display your products over time. It does make sense to invest in a quality showcase to start with. It will display all your future lines of small products to their best.