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Trophy Glass Cases and Pedestals

Companies, schools, sporting clubs are always looking for original ways to present their unique achievements. A trophy glass showcase such as a glass top pedestal will reinforce how exceptional the event was. Trophy glass cases are the symbol of recognition. For companies it is the discovery and marketing of a unique product. For a team or sporting club the glass trophy showcase will preserve the memory of a one in a lifetime success. Trophy glass pedestals will isolate, protect and showcase this piece of memorabilia to the best. Depending on the size and weight of the trophy the dimensions of the top glass display area will be determined accordingly. The ideal glass trophy case should allow for the award or trophy to be shown in different positions. Flexibility in the displaying is always a plus.

Custom Counters and Reception Desks

Depending on what they will be used for counters and reception desks may be customize in many different ways. For one a custom counter may be manufactured with a totally flat top or alternatively with a recessed top surface and a ledge all around. Since in most instances computer's hardware and terminals will be installed within the custom counter the manufacturer will drill holes in the appropriate areas so that the network may be installed easily. Pull out trays, lockable storage with hinged doors, drawers, multiple and fully adjustable shelving are regular features of custom made counters. Since custom counters are used by so many industries and sectors of activities they will come in many shapes.

Glass Displays and Enclosures

Your basic glass display serves first as an enclosure. It will protect against the dust, humidity, fingerprints and theft. The glass display showcases manufacturing industry is supplying a wide range of table top glass enclosures and displays. They are sold essentially to the collectibles industry, private collectors and museums. Counter glass displays are made of tempered glass and are either rectangular or square. For exhibit purposes they will be mounted on a solid wood base. Fully enclosed table top glass displays may vary much in size. They may be as small as one foot wide and some glass cases may be manufactured as wide as seven feet. The glass to glass technique can be used to assemble all the glass panels together. This will provide a higher degree of visibility. Some glass display cases manufacturers will choose to assemble their table top glass cases using some anodized aluminum framing to join the glass panels. Either way these basic glass displays do always sit on their solid bases and may be lifted for easy access.

Modular Cash Counters

When it comes to design and install new cash counters designers have to face many challenges. The size of the space, its configurations and the future use of the cash counters are the primary factors architects and designers will keep in mind. Straight linear cash counters will not always do the job. Take for example the medical profession waiting rooms and reception areas. Here the cash counters have to accommodate several employees dealing with various tasks and situations. Consequently different cash counter sections have to be created. They should be all distinct from one another so that a degree of privacy is maintained. Modular cash counters can fill this function. Such cash counters permit the design and creation of multiple angles that will help in covering the design of multiple different areas.

Cash Counters for Reception Areas

Walking into a convention center, a movie house, a medical office one will see the prominent space occupied by cash counters. They are always situated in reception areas and fill various functions. You come first to the reception cash counter to get some information and direction as to what you are here for. Appointments, tickets, paper information are provided by clerks and professionals standing by the counters in reception areas. The cash counters configuration and design will vary considerably depending on what they are used for. Placed in medical reception rooms cash counters act as organizers and desks. Installed at the entrance of movie houses cash counters are used as podiums and paperwork storage units. Cash counters for receptions areas may manufactured very simply just as compact square of rectangular units. Alternatively cash counters may be produced as multiple modular units that will be customized for particular applications.

School Bulletin Boards and Shadow Boxes

From hallways to conference rooms, classrooms and receptions areas schools are always in need of fully enclosed wall shadow boxes. Schools procurement agents also call them bulletin boards. This term will only apply if they are only two to three inches deep. School shadow boxes are easy to mount on a wall. They may be produced in metal, pre laminated material or solid wood. Your typical school shadow box has a lockable single hinged door in the front. Should the school shadow box be wider than twenty four inches manufacturers will install instead a couple of lockable sliding doors. Since the goal of a school shadow box is to show and preserve documents and notices they are made sealed and dust resistant. School shadow boxes and bulletin may be manufactured weather and humidity resistant since the maintenance staff may install them in an outside area. Should they contain notices or objects displayed on shelves they should provide full visibility to the public. School shadow boxes guarantee maximum exposure while saving precious space.

Trophy Glass Cases and Sports Team Franchise Stores

Professional sports team are opening their own franchise stores in every major city all over the country. Racks and glass trophy display cases are installed in various sections of the stores to display caps, helmets, tee shirts, scarves, you name it. Each team memorabilia such as baseballs, football, basketball is placed inside clearly marked glass trophy showcases. The initial purpose of any given trophy showcase is to keep the contents clean, organized and safe from theft. Trophy glass showcases can be manufactured standard or custom to fit the specific size or displaying needs of a given category of items. Nearly all sports teams trophy glass cases are in printed with the logo and name of the organization. This can be achieved with the help of colorful plastic decals, silk screening or sandblasting. Trophy glass showcases are conveniently placed against the walls of the retail area for added visibility. Small acrylic stands are used on the glass shelves to elevate and segregate unique items. Base lockable storage is added in the base cabinet of most trophy cases to keep packaging boxes and wrapping materials. They are a compact way to showcase memorabilia at its best.

Building Display Cases for Schools

With the ups and downs of the commercial retail market manufacturing glass display cases for schools and institutions has become a good resource for glass display cases companies. Wall glass display showcases, free standing tower cases and counter high glass showcases are what schools use the most. Since this type of equipment is purchased for the long term school display showcases should be built functional and sturdy. The cabinetry is covered by high strength and scratch resistant laminates. School glass display showcases are always made of tempered glass and are lockable for added safety. Since school glass cases will be used for a variety of purposes over time and to display items of different sizes they always come equipped with fully adjustable glass shelves. This can be done using fully adjustable and sliding shelf supports on metal tracks. Another option is the use of standard brackets to hold the shelves of your school display showcases. For practical purposes rollers under the base cabinet are highly recommended. Being able to easily move a glass case from one room to another is an imperative here.

Wall Showcases with Anti Reflective Glass

When displaying large items in a wall glass display case anti reflective glass may be the way to go. This is especially true when the wall showcase is anywhere from four feet to six feet wide. Tempered anti reflective glass has a thin film applied to its surface that will prevent and cancel the reflection of the objects in the direct vicinity of the glass showcase. Provided that the wall display showcase is installed against a wall it will make sense to manufacture the showcase with a solid back covered with fabric. The front sliding glass doors then should be made using anti reflective glass. For added effect and visibility the sides of the wall showcase should also have the anti reflective glass feature. The contours, details, colors of the items inside the wall showcase will come out with much precision and will be highly visible. The tones will be deeper and the contents within the wall display showcase will look very real, live like. Some potential and profitable uses of anti reflective glass are trade shows and corporate showrooms. When displaying large items such as a bicycle the difference between regular glass and anti reflective material will be stunning. Still all not that frequent the anti reflective glass is quite an added feature when purchasing a brand new wall glass display showcase.

Shadow Boxes in Front Glass Windows

Art galleries, optical stores, home accessory shops will use multiple sizes of shadow boxes against a wall installed at regular intervals. It is now common place to see small shadow boxes hanging in the glass front window. The shadow boxes are suspended with the help of a system of metal cables. All is ultimately attached to the front ceiling of the store. Each shadow box is suspended at a different level and groups of six to twelve of them may be installed together all hung up at different heights. The shadow boxes can be manufactured in wood with a natural stain finish. In order to attract more attention from the walking traffic they may be finished with vivid paint colors. Red, green, yellow are the most popular tones for shadow boxes used in stores front glass window. The cable system used to link each shadow box is sometimes intricate giving the whole display a feeling of magic. In addition the various shadow boxes composing the display may be individually lit. Shadow boxes are an efficient way to present items in a very unique way.

Round Tower Showcases in Optical Stores

Retail optical stores have been using for years square and rectangular counter cases to display and differentiate the various brands they are carrying. The very same glass counter cases may be installed in very many areas of the store to drive the traffic from one identifiable brand to the next one. As far as displaying lenses and frames facing the front windows or in the center of the store glass round tower cases prove to be most effective. For one the curved radius of a round tower showcase will systematically catch the eye, attract traffic. Since curved glass towers have a thin bottom and top cabinet the whole center glass display area id pretty much see through. With their multiple shelves the glass round tower cases can display a substantial number of frames and lenses. The curvature of the glass panels is an invitation to walk around the curved tower and look at all its contents. A rounder tower showcase will look very unique by itself in a designated area. Grouped together round showcases will create some kind of maze to walk through.

Portable Glass Cases

During the Holiday season you will see many temporary markets and stands set up near the center or high traffic areas of your town or city. Vendors and crafts people will try to sell their wares to the locals while displaying them in portable glass cases. Since these same vendors are participating in numerous public fairs throughout the year the portable glass cases should be light weight and made sturdy. Portable glass cases usually do not exceed forty eight inches in width and are made using clear tempered glass. Tempered glass is more resistant to shock and breakage. Your typical portage glass showcase will be laid on some high and strong folding table. Sliding lockable glass doors or a glass lift top door are basically the two ways one can access the inside of a portable glass showcase. The base plate on which the glass panels sit usually does not exceed two inches. Once again limited weight is the basic consideration when building glass cases that are easy to lift, carry and transport.

Solid Sides Wall Whowcases

Your typical wall display showcase consists of a lower cabinet base, a top canopy, glass panels all around and a set of lockable sliding doors in the front. Schools, universities, museums and institutions in general have often other requirements when it comes to glass wall display cases. Since often a whole group is installed with each one placed side by side the glass cases will be manufactured with solid wood sides. The result is to give a more compact look to each wall showcase. The solid wood sides may be stained and finished identically on the outside and inside. Solid wood wall display showcases do require additional lighting to be installed in the top canopy since they do not benefit from the natural light coming through the sides. Solid wood sides will provide the added structural strength whenever one wants to recess their wall showcase into a wall. Here obviously the lateral visibility within the wall showcase is of no concern. Solid sides wall units also allow for an easy compartmentalization within the glass area. This is what many institutions are looking for when purchasing wall display showcases.

Jewelry Showcases and Pedestals with Metal Base

Very upscale jewelry stores and brand name accessory stores are now using uniquely designed jewelry showcases and pedestals to promote their brands. Image is everything for showroom exclusive retail stores. A flagship store needs to feature sleek, stylish, one of a kind glass showcases. Actually the trend makes glass jewelry cases with metal structures to support them more and more trendy. The metal bases under the glass display area may be made of metal rods that are shaped in innovative ways. Glass top pedestals may also have solid metal bases that are sculptured. Metal as a medium is easy to shape in a multitude of forms and designs. Consequently the creation of unique glass jewelry cases and pedestals is an open field. Talent, creativeness and aesthetical perception are what it takes to come up with the one and only glass jewelry showcase that will once for all identify the brand.

Tall Cabinet Glass Cases

Your average tower and wall case is over six feet tall and has sealed tempered glass panels on four sides. Consumers though will not bend all the way down to the floor to look at products displayed at the very bottom. While merchandise is set on the very lowest glass shelves it is never looked at. To offset this issue glass cases companies are building glass cases with tall base cabinets. The prospective buyer just has to lower their eyes to view the contents. To make up for the so called lost displayed area lockable storage areas are built in within the base cabinet. This in turn will leave more available floor space to move in additional glass cases. It is one way to take full advantage of the ever increasing cost of retail space.