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Functional Cash Counters

Cash counters are being used by a wide range or organizations. From retail stores to showrooms, offices, reception areas there is always a need for a cash counter. Properly designed they will fill multiple purposes. A cash counter can serve as a desk, as a paperwork organizer or as the one place you settle your bills. Linear and curved cash counters are the most common looks you will see everywhere. It is important to realize that depending on your operation a cash counter should be functional and convenient. It is the one fixture you will use continuously during the day. It should fit your particular needs. For example a standard feature is to have pre drilled holes set so that your computer wiring may be easily inserted and not visible. Checks writing areas, recessed tops, drawers, pull out trays, lockable storage with shelving are some of the options that will make the everyday use of your cash counter easier and more productive. Cash counters are made to use for many years and are visible from everywhere. They are being subjected to intensive use and should be built using the highest quality materials. Pre assembled and compact cash counters are definitely the way to go. We would suggest making a list of what all your daily tasks are before purchasing the appropriate cash counter.

Curved Quarter Vision Jewelry Showcases

It takes quite a spacious retail space area to use curved jewelry showcases. You will see them in high end jewelry stores that feature luxury jewelry and watches brands. Since curved jewelry showcases are highly custom they are available in only a limited number of radiuses. This is mainly due to the high cost of getting the curved glass panels made. Typically a good showcases layout will include a succession of curved jewelry showcases of different radiuses to create an attractive free flowing environment. Cash counters and bridal jewelry showcases will be included in the assortment. Because of the curvature of the whole layout a substantial amount of space behind the curved jewelry showcases will be left free. Retail store owners will maximize this space and use it for storage and demonstration purposes. To accentuate the aesthetical beauty of a curved jewelry showcases layout manufacturers will choose to recess the cabinet below the glass area by three to four inches. In return this will give a more pronounced, distinct look to the jewelry inside the showcase.

Jewelry Display Cases Front Face Cabinets

When it comes to selecting the right jewelry display showcase for your store the choice is about the style of cabinetry you will have below the glass display area. Up to a few years ago the bottom cabinets of all glass jewelry showcases was always solid. Cabinets were basically the same depth and width as the jewelry showcase top glass area. All this made for a compact jewelry display showcase. Manufacturers then started to favor a more open cabinet look. Jewelry display cases nowadays look more like museum showcases. The glass area is now held up by metal or wood legs at each corner. Another popular design is to have solid wood sides on the glass area and to extend them all the way down to the floor so as to raise and support the jewelry showcase glass display area. This new open look enables the creation of many designs and finishes.

Glass Trophy Showcases in Stadiums

Restaurants, bars, gift stores are a common feature in stadiums. The gift shops are dedicated to the official team and numerous trophy glass display showcases are installed to present all the team memorabilia. Caps, T shirts, scarves, key rings and a wide range of engraved or printed items are available in these souvenirs stores. Statues, figurines, signed footballs, baseballs, handballs find their place in large wall glass trophy showcases. Placed separately or one against the other trophy display cases are ideal to protect their contents from dust and theft. Since trophy glass cases are manufactured with fully adjustable glass shelves they can accommodate statues, awards and trophies of very different sizes and shapes. While trophy glass cases rest on wheels they can easily be moved against the perimeter walls of the store, against the inside of the front windows or as an island in the middle of the store. For better visibility trophy glass display showcases include LED lighting installed in the top canopy cabinet. Side track LED lighting and a mirror back are additional options common in trophy cases. Professional sports teams are using glass cases all the time in their landmark gift stores.

Different Glass Doors on Wall Display Showcases

For safety reasons lockable glass doors on display showcases are a must. By the same token it will keep the contents clean and highly visible. Free standing glass display towers are better fit with hinged doors. In as long as the glass door does not exceed twenty four inches the hinges will support the glass panel well. Wall trophy display showcases should be equipped with sliding glass doors on tracks. This will insure that they are totally enclosed. Manufacturers are commonly using plunger locks to keep the two doors tightly closed. Plunger locks are easy to operate and can be used similarly on all the wall trophy showcases within the store. They are easy to install on the outer glass sliding doors and may be easily replaced. It takes only minutes to install any glass sliding door once you receive your shipment. Just lift it and place it on the tracks. Since the glass doors are typically the front side of a display showcase they should be kept clean at all times.

Glass Display Cabinets for the Home

Home owners will buy a display cabinet to cover very specific needs. They may want to safeguard and display some unique crystal ware, some figurines or some unique memorabilia. A display cabinet for the home is much like a piece of furniture. It becomes part of your every day décor. Display cabinets for the home are high quality and made of solid wood and veneer. They will be stained to fit and complement your existing furniture and accessories. Individual display cabinets may have a modern and streamline design or can have a classical and traditional look. One way or the other cabinets for the home just like any other appliance should require a minimum maintenance. The electrical configuration of the lighting should be simple, easy to figure out. The hardware such as hinges, shelf supports, locks should be high quality with an attractive finish. A home display cabinet is highly visible. One more reason to select the right one.

Wall Mounted Display Cases

Any glass display case to be mounted on a wall should be pre assembled and built sturdy. This is especially true of the overall structural strength of the wall mounted display case. Having a solid and thick wood backing installed is equally important. Making sure that your wall is solid, compact, strong enough is also a determining factor as to the installation of a wall mounted display case. With the high cost of quality retail space using wall mounted display showcases makes a lot of sense. Equally they will allow any store owner for an efficient merchandise categorization. Wall mounted cases do come with fully adjustable glass shelves and they can be manufactured in many sizes. From very small to super large wall mounted showcases can accommodate jewelry, collectibles, giftware or artwork. They may be very generic or can be customized in many different ways.

Display Cases for All Collectibles

Lighting and protection from the dust is what collectors are looking for when purchasing a collectibles display cases. Led lighting installed in the top canopy of wall display showcases provides for evenly distributed brilliance. Additionally collectibles display cases can greatly benefit from the optional track lighting. The little spotlights installed alongside the tracks will provide much needed lighting to the bottom half of the collectibles case. They will help to highlight the main pieces within the collectible case. A dust free or resistant showcase is a great value. A collectible will only look good as long as it is clean. High quality manufacturing coupled with quality components and tempered glass are the ingredients for making an air tight collectibles showcases. From square and rectangular to hexagonal many shapes of collectibles cases are available.

Selecting the Right Display Showcase

Being able to communicate your display showcases needs with your supplier’s representative is essential. Before calling your supplier you may want to review their website and the different categories of glass display showcases they are offering. It may be useful to review their type of manufacturing. This will make for a more professional exchange when talking to their customer service about the type of showcase you need. The right choice of display showcase will be the result of an informed conversation between an educated prospective customer and a professionally trained customer service employee. Most importantly explaining what you are planning to use the display showcase for is essential. A qualified company representative should be able to direct you towards all the display showcases choices and options available. Your buying experience will be then rewarding.

Customer Service and Buying a Display Showcase

The purchase of a display showcase is significant for many reasons. For once it is a piece of equipment you will use for many years. Secondarily the display showcase has to fit your specific requirements. Lastly quality display showcases are costly. In many ways a professional buyer will need the help of a trained customer service person to select what is right for them. Any given website is showing a multitude of glass display showcases that are categorize in a number of groups. A qualified customer service employee should ask the prospective buyer what they plan to use the display showcase for, how much space is available for the fixture, details about the existing décor of the space the new display case is projected to fit in and the planned budget of the buyer. These questions may sound basic but they will immediately guide the display showcase manufacturer customer service person towards the appropriate recommendations.

Glass Display Showcases Manufacturers

Domestic glass display showcases manufacturers belong to a limited club. You will find that each showcases manufacturer has its own particular looks and designs. Each glass display showcases manufacturer has developed their own few categories. Free standing towers, wall display showcases, glass top pedestals, counter jewelry showcases, wall mounted shadow boxes are their staple groups. Long established glass display showcases manufacturers strive to be the “one stop place” that will provide a solution for all your displaying needs. Repeat customers are a major source of business for domestic manufacturers. When it comes to glass cases they supply from standard to custom within a reasonable amount of time. Highly trained customer service, resourceful after the sale follow up are trademarks of reliable glass display cases manufacturers.

Counter Cases and Impulse Sales

Last minute sales do add up for retailers anxious to maximize their revenues. Counter cases are small and easy to move. Since counter cases are commonly placed on top of cash counters, stands or jewelry showcases they are highly visible. Jewelry, collectibles, souvenirs, trendy merchandise find a home in a well organized counter showcase. The glass display areas and shelves are all made of tempered glass and are solid and resistant. Lighting in the top cabinet of a counter case is efficient since counter cases are typically eighteen to thirty six inches tall. The light can easily penetrate from the top down. Counter cases are placed in high traffic areas and will protect the contents from dust and theft. Since the merchandise inside is visible at eye level they are acting as an excellent eye catcher. They are available generally in square and rectangular shapes and with a wide variety of cabinet finishes.

Practical Free Standing Glass Tower Cases

Flexibility is what retailers are looking for when shopping for glass display showcases. Selling space is precious and expensive and using it to the best will maximize the potential for increased sales. Selecting the correct free standing glass tower cases will provide for additional and needed displaying space. Free standing tower cases are manufactured in square, rectangular, hexagonal shapes. They will fit into the corner of a store and pretty much anywhere in a center aisle. Free standing tower cases are efficient when placed in front of a store window or by the entrance of a retail outfit. Since all free standing glass tower cases are mounted on rollers they can be moved effortlessly from one area to the other. Glass tower cases can accommodate very many different lines of products. This will make them valuable over time since popular merchandise always changes.

Glass Trophy Cases for Collectors

Over time memorabilia and figurines collectors will accumulate a vast quantity of objects to display. They usually start with a small counter case and end up needing a sizeable glass trophy case. Trophy showcases are wall display showcase with multiple fully adjustable shelves and lockable glass doors. Over the last few years glass trophy cases manufacturers have come up with very wide showcases over five feet. The new ultra wide glass trophy cases are structurally sound since they have a central solid divider from top to bottom. The divider allows for the glass trophy case to be divided into two sections from top to bottom. Two sets of glass shelves can then be placed on each side of the solid divider. Since a multitude of compartments or sections are created the avid collector is able to display their memorabilia by group within their whole glass trophy case. This is definitely a plus when you have so much to look at.

Tall Museum Glass Pedestals

Exhibit planners must deal with quite a variety of situations when it comes to organize a new artwork, sculptures and memorabilia exhibit. Glass top museum wood pedestals are the single most common displays used by curators. Some museum pedestals may be square and some other rectangular. When it comes to exhibits the imperative is to show it all, from any angle and at its best. Every piece exhibited should be at eye level no matter its size. Fortunately glass top museum pedestals can be manufactured as tall as six feet. Since some artefacts and sculptures are high glass display cases will make the glass top display area taller and shorten the height of the base wood pedestal. Getting to the right proportions within any given tall museum glass pedestal is essential. Overall aesthetic, attractiveness coupled with efficient showing is what makes an exhibition successful.