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Display Cases and Jewelry Showcases in Cruise Ships

Cruise ship companies are offering many vacations packages at all
price ranges. Cruise ships have become just like cities on the ocean.
Passengers expect a well structured vacation where they will be able
to make new friends through a whole variety of entertainment
activities. Since the length of cruises is at least a week shopping is
one of the past time passengers will enjoy. The cruise ships have
become enormous and they are divided in multiples sections with each
their own center of activity. Shopping areas are spread in the
different parts of the liner. Souvenir shops, jewelry stores, gift
outlets are some of the retail businesses that are incorporated in
this whole world. Because of the specific environment they are being
built to fit in all kinds of unusual spaces.Custom display cases are
manufactured for the cruise lines industry exclusively. Many rules and
regulations affect how the jewelry cases have to be designed. Jewelry
showcases and display cases in general need to be custom sized. The
display cases cabinetry should be made using fire retardant wood
products that have been certified by federal agencies. All the display
cases glass panels should be stamped as tempered. The jewelry
showcases locking mechanisms need to be special ordered to meet the
specific requirements of the cruise line company. Some of the spaces
where the display cases are to be installed are hard to access. One
should remember that the configuration of a cruise ship is highly
unconventional. In some instances separate sections of a jewelry
showcase will have to be hand carried through narrow corridors and
staircases. Then the manufacturer will send its own assembly team to
finalize the assembly on the spot. It involves bringing all the
production tools on the ship, a lot of organisation, experienced
workers and quite a bit of clean up afterwards. The anchoring of the
display cases to the ground is also highly regulated. One can easily
understand why. Manufacturers will be given ample instructions on how
to manufacture and install the display cases well in advance. A
pamphlet covering all the production and installation process of the
display cases ordered will be given to the manufacturer at the time of
Cruise ships passengers allocate a spending budget for jewelry and
souvenirs well in advance. The cruise line world is a big market for
jewelry. High quality and sturdy jewelry showcases will present a wide
selection at all price ranges to the prospective customers. Jewelry
showcases and display cases in general can be customized in many
different ways to match highly specific circumstances. Cruise lines
companies are always looking for experienced manufacturers able to
help them with their glass showcases projects.
For an established display showcase manufacturer such projects can be
a financially rewarding. When it comes to display cases repetitive
sales customers are hard to find.The cruise line industry is growing
now and constantly looking for new glass showcases concepts.

Your Choices of Jewelry Showcases Doors

Buying jewelry display cases involves a number of choices when it
comes to the kind of doors you want in the top glass display area. You
can opt for sliding doors, drop down doors and doors with pull out
decks. Needless to say that no matter which type you select they need
to be lockable. The jewelry showcases glass doors can be all clear,
mirrored, solid wood. For visual coordination the doors can be
mirrored inside and laminated outside to match the same finish as is
on the cabinetry.
Lockable sliding doors are by far the most popular on quarter vision,
full vision and sit down jewelry showcases. When fully clear whatever
is behind the jewelry showcase is openly visible. With a door mirrored
inside you get a sense of enclosure. The lighting will be more intense
since it will reflect back and forth on the mirror. The back mirror
has also a confusing impact. The reflection and images of the items
inside the glass display area will be multiple. The result is a
display that is too brilliant, crowded and hard to look at. The items
will not seem distinct one from another in such bright and reflective
environment. Since the mirror's back are a pale grey or green and can
be scratched they should be laminated for aesthetical purposes.This
will be done with a film of plastic laminate matching the cabinet
finish of the jewelry showcase. With sliding glass doors you need to
make sure that wheels and tracks are high quality. Solid wood doors
are attractive and effective in all jewelry showcases. You should
check the quality and thickness of the wood since they have to stay
strong, straight and rigid over time. The wood doors will be stained
the same as the cabinetry. Drop down doors are far less popular on
jewelry showcases. They start to be a thing of the past. Once opened
they get on the way and take too much time to open and close. The
metal brackets holding them need to be maintained regularly which is
time consuming. Doors installed on jewelry showcases pull out decks
are clear tempered glass.The thickness of the glass may vary since
jewelry cases with pull out decks are utilized in high end jewelry
stores. You should make sure that they are strongly mounted to the
edge of the sliding deck. A tight fit of the glass panels is a must
with jewelry cases and slide out decks. A reputable glass jewelry
showcases manufacturer will recommend what is best for your own store
or exhibit area.

Trophy Display Cases in Hobby Stores

Hobby stores are carrying many eclectic items to keep you entertained
during your free time. Typically they are crowded with different
groups of merchandise. Games, little figurines, trains, miniature car
replicas and one of a kind merchandise are on display in large wall
trophy cases. Some of the planes and vessels reproductions are
handcrafted and unique. A fully enclosed trophy showcase will preserve
the beauty of collectibles and memorabilia. Hobby stores are using
very tall hobby cases with adjustable shelves. For example different
brands of trains can be displayed distinctly on each of the shelves of
a single glass trophy showcase. It helps giving a complete
presentation of what the hobby store has to offer in a specific
category. Games and trivia can also be grouped into their own
showcases. The trophy showcase ends up being an organizer in as much
as a display.
Many of the hobby stores products are sports oriented and do take much
space. Every store owner will try to make the most out of the
available selling area. They can create multiple center aisles by
placing their trophy cases back to back and next to each other. More
than anywhere else every hobby customer is looking for the new and
unexpected. Intriguing hobbies that require ingenuity and are fun are
winners. Within the same trophy showcase you will always find a
mixture of the old and of the newest. When entering a traditional
hobby store it feels that it has been here forever just accumulating
more and more games and items of all kinds. Well designed glass trophy
showcases will help make sense of it all.

Display Cases for Antique Stores

Individual antiques stores and antiques malls sell a mix of furniture,
vintage lamps, statues, collectibles and precious crystalware. Finding
your way through such a combination of ecclectic items is no easy task
. While furniture has its dedicated space, smaller unique items are
displayed inside glass display cases. Tall and wide wall display cases
are the most practical displays to show all these authentic items in a
distinctive way. All glass display cases will work best. Some of them
have a glass top. Others have a wood top canopy with halogen or LED
lighting. Display cases for antique stores are built tall with many
fully adjustable glass shelves. Tall crystal vases, compact bronze
statues, porcelain figurines require each shelf to be adjusted at
different heights. Since some of the display cases are up to six feet
wide a center metal support need to be installed to hold the glass
shelf firmly and safely. Such large wall display cases have lockable
sliding doors on the front and a discreet brushed silver framing will
hold the glass panels together. Hinged glass doors are not
recommended. Since the display cases are over four feet wide each
hinged glass door would be too heavy and put excessive pressure on the
hinges. It is surprising to see how many antique pieces you end up
displaying in a full vision wall display case. Placed alongside the
perimeter of the space they will leave more than enough space for the
furniture and large pieces in the center. Two styles and designs are
the most common. The simple streamline glass and metal framing models
with a laminated cabinet at the bottom are more economical. More
classical antique stores will opt for solid wood display cases with
various decorative wood moldings and different stain finishes. They
will provide for a warmer feeling that will entice any customer to
spend more time in the store. Antiques shopping is a small and
enjoyable luxury. It is always an added pleasure to be able to see
each item by itself, well preserved, in a clean and well maintained
display case.

Display Showcases and The High Cost of Retail Space

The cost of valuable retail space has been increasing significantly
over the last ten years and store
owners have had to make substantial adjustments to stay in business.
The change has been the most drastic for stores located in high
traffic areas. Individual retail stores are generally smaller. Many of
them are narrow and deep with smaller front windows. As a result
retailers have changed the type of display showcases they are now
using. With the limited amount of floor space available wall display
cases are the ideal solution. For practical reasons they are built
around twelve inches deep with multiple glass shelves and are as high
as eight feet. The wall glass display cases are stacked one next to
the other and will cover at least a full wall of the retail space.
Each crowded glass shelf displays its own category of items.Space is
scarce and there is no room for free standing towers or stand alone
glass top pedestals. When dealing with deep and narrow spaces all the
center area should be dedicated to the walk in traffic.Facing the wall
display showcases counter high glass cases will be lined up together
with a cash counter. Their depth is restricted to fourteen inches for
the merchandise to be fully visible and to save space. The salesperson
will stand most of the time behind them. All glass full vision
showcases are the common option. Each equipped with three to four
shelves they can display a high variety of goods. Large wall shadow
boxes displays may be installed on the wall behind the counter high
glass cases. The glass sides wall shadow boxes should be set tightly
one next to the other and at eye level. Just as the wall display
showcases they can display a vast amount of merchandise within a
limited space. Fully adjustable glass shelves do provide the necessary
flexibility when it comes to displaying items of widely different
heights. Convenience stores, cosmetic stores, smoke shops, paper goods
outlets are some of the business having to deal with limited space in
crowded urban areas. Glass display showcases manufacturers have well
understood the new challenges associated with high leasing costs. They
have developped entire collection of narrow wall display showcases
that can be securely attached to walls. Alternatively the custom
counter high cases may be bolted to the floor for total stability.
Size adjustments can be made easily according to each different space
configuration. Making the most of the limited space available is the

Who Buys Quality Display Cases?

The display cases industry offers a wide range of finished products.
Quality display cases are manufactured with excellent raw materials,
skilled craftsmanship, proven quality control. They are produced
standard and are can be readily customized. The designs of higher end
display cases do fit the needs of specific industries and
institutions. Museums, universities, libraries, foundations, high end
stores, designers are always searching for better quality display
cases.Numerous and custom finishes can be applied to the wood
surfaces. Different kinds and thickness of glass may be used to
achieve a specific need or look. The size and overall configuration of
a quality display case can be made to order to accommodate space
restrictions and contents considerations. Memorabilia, artwork,
trophies, museum collections, unique jewelry and others will find
their home in an uniquely designed display showcase. Quality display
cases will last very many years. Their look is timeless. They protect
the objects they display perfectly and keep them fully visible. You
will find that art galleries, hotels, corporate headquarters and
private collectors purchase higher end display cases with a look to
fit their particular environment. Timeless beauty and durability will
always be in demand.

How To Use Your Display Cases To Create Marketing Sections

Spacious retail stores have developed an original visual merchandising
model. They have chosen to sell lines of products that are totally
different but complement themselves. Some groups of products are
highly original, others are handcrafted or unique imports. Presenting
them distinctively within the store requires a well thought display
cases layout. Clearly defined display sections or mini stores are
present within the larger space. A jewelry display cases island is a
perfect way to concentrate the showing of multiple jewelry lines.
Separately large wall display cases may contain houseware, linens
collections. Free standing glass display cases spread evenly in
another section will be fine for giftware. Local craftsmen works will
show best in glass top pedestals or small rectangular wall display
cases. Toys and trinkets will fit perfectly in regular wood shelving
and on top of wood cubicles. The design of the retail space should
allow for the free flowing of the traffic. Selecting the appropriate
display cases will maximize the use of the space and increase the
sales. Since one purchase here may lead to another there the maximum
visibility of each separate department of the store is a must.

Glass Display Cases and Locks

How well you can safely lock a display case is essential. Jewelry
showcases, free standing towers, wall display cases, glass top
pedestals have each their particular locking mechanisms. Plunger
locks, push locks, safety locks are common ways to lock glass display
cases. As simple as they are they work efficiently. Simple and
durable locks reduce the odds of malfunctioning and of breakage of
small parts within. Display cases locks should be easy to operate.
They should last a long time, quick to identify. Quality display cases
are there for many years and their locking mechanisms will be operated
by a lot of different individuals. One should key all the similar
display cases with the same key number for practicability. It will
save a great deal of time and avoid confusion. When you have ten and
more display cases on the floor you do not want to keep on searching
for the correct key. Delays and waste of time mean loss of
business.Simple systems always work best. Once put into place and
explained to all they become like a reflex. Keeping all your display
cases safe and secure is a must. The ones in charge should feel at
ease when it comes to find the right key. It will all add to the fluid
organization of the every day activity.

Glass Display Cases and Locks

How well you can safely lock a display case is essential. Jewelry
showcases, free standing towers, wall display cases, glass top
pedestals have each their particular locking mechanisms. Plunger
locks, push locks, safety locks are common ways to lock glass display
cases. As simple as they are they work efficiently. Simple ande
durable locks reduce the odds of malfunctioning and of breakage of
small parts within. Display cases locks should be easy to operate.
They should last a long time, quick to identify. Quality display cases
are there for many years and their locking mechanisms will be operated
by a lot of different individuals. One should key all the similar
display cases with the same key number for practicability. It will
save a great deal of time and avoid confusion. When you have ten and
more display cases on the floor you do not want to keep on searching
for the correct key. Delays and waste of time mean loss of
business.Simple systems always work best. Once put into place and
explained to all they become like a reflex. Keeping all your display
cases safe and secure is a must. The ones in charge should feel at
ease when it comes to find the right key. It will all add to the fluid
organization of the every day activity.

How to Choose a Display Case Supplier

When ready to purchase a display case you should consider a number of
factors first. Quality, production time, customer service and
technical support are key to make your search successful. Domestic
display cases manufacturers have all the experience and resources to
fulfill these needs. Satisfied customers are important to them. Repeat
business is ta core factor of any established company. A dedicated
customer service associate will strive to explain to a prospective
customer the different display cases choices available. The question
of what the display case is be used for is equally important. Issues
such as the expected life of the display case, how quickly it is
needed should be answered at the same time. How will the display case
be shipped and the procedure to follow on receipt should be made clear
and precise. A display case is a piece of equipment to be used for
many years and transparency will make for a productive choice. A
professional customer service employee will also follow up once the
delivery of the display case has been completed. Technical support
will be available as needed. Customers are the most valued asset of a
respected company. Attention to details at all levels is what makes a
difference when selecting a display case manufacturer.

Buying Only a Display Case Top Section

The top glass display area of jewelry showcases and pedestals may be
manufactured separately from their solid base.Keeping a small two
inches high plate to hold the glass panels firm is sufficient. Trade
show exhibitors will find that ordering only the display case top
section has a few advantages. The display is easier to carry and to
set up during the exhibit and it is less expensive to ship from one
trade show to the next one.Some conventional customers will choose to
have their jewelry showcase base cabinet built locally.Retailers may
also choose to set up their new glass display top section on an
existing base cabinet. The challenge is for the two components to fit
well together. When ordering the top glass area dimensions accuracy is
essential. As with a complete glass showcase the glass display area
area may be manufactured in different heights, depths and widths. They
can be made with a glass to glass construction or with metal framing
joining the glass panels. Lighting such as LED or halogen can be added
to the display case top section as an option. All the electrical
components and wiring are directly accessible from under the base
plate. Once the display case top section has been received the
consumer will be free to connect the electrical through the base
cabinet for their own purpose. Getting everything to fit and work well
is challenging. Two different parties are working independently on the
two main components of the showcase. Recently we are seeing more
buyers choosing to purchase jewelry showcase and pedestal top sections

American Made Display Cases Versus Import

In today's market a lower price may convince you to buy an imported
display case versus a domestic made one. At first glance overseas made
glass cases are considerably cheaper. If you choose to go that way you
may expect a number of drawbacks. First it may take up to three months
to get the display case delivered, second the showcase may arrive
damaged and you will have little to no recourse. When buying standard
imported display cases your choice of colors and finishes is almost
nonexistent. Then if any component is missing or non functioning you
are by yourself and have to make do.Basically you take the display as
it is and make the best of it. No exchange, no return please. What may
have sound as a bargain now reveals itself as continuous aggravation.
The whole issue is what are you getting for your money when buying a
new display case. A domestic glass display case manufacturer will
guarantee a strict delivery time for your order. Should any quality
issues happen on receipt they will be handled promptly,
professionally. Qualified personnel will assist you before and after
the sale.You will always have someone to go back to concerning your
display cases needs. Choices of models, looks, options, finishes,
changes are there with domestic display cases manufacturers. Should
you need some additional display cases to match the look of previous
ones they will be available. You will benefit from a uniform quality
and high standards. All and all everything will be under control and
you will be free to make the best display cases decisions.

Glass Display Showcases and Their Maintenance

You have just finished to unpack your glass display showcase. After a
thorough inspection everything looks fine: no streaks on the glass,
the cabinetry is flawless, the doors close tight and the glass
showcase stands straight. It is ready to be installed and filled up
with merchandise. Just as any other piece of equipment a display
showcase is susceptible to wear and tear over time and ought to be
maintained regularly. Locks may break down, lights will need to be
replaced, some hardware will fail, cabinets can be scratched and so
on.....Glass display cases are handled by so many different
individuals over a long period of time. You want to be able to take
care of all these issues quickly as they happen. Your main resource is
the original manufacturer you bought the showcase from. A domestic
well established company does have a consistent after the sale
customer support. Years after the original purchase the domestic
manufacturer will send you locks, hardware, light bulbs, glass panels,
shelves to keep your glass display showcase in perfect functioning
condition. A manufacturer has a stake in keeping their original
customers happy and feeling safe for many years.It is good policy and
the way to run a stable company. From a marketing standpoint helping
your customers with outstanding technical support is a guarantee that
they will return to you for their next display showcase purchase.
Helping and making sure that your customers are happy at all times
with their display showcase creates strong business relationships.

Rethinking the Cabinet Look of Your Showcases

Until recently showcases cabinetry had a number of predictable
finishes.Black, white, oak, maple, cherry,mahogany were the norm.
Store designers started to look for unique and eye catching laminate
finishes to give a well defined accent to their project. Textured,
bright, creative laminate finishes are more and more common. Their
look is exciting to the eye and peaceful, open at the same time. Some
of the showcases cabinets you see nowadays have some kind of
futuristic look. Showcases and cabinets built for luxury brands are
the perfect illustration of this phenomena. When painted the showcases
cabinetry is both peaceful and stimulating. The color tone is what
matters. When using a surface laminate the creative finish and
texturing will make a difference. Designers are more daring and
simultaneously the public is enjoying all the new cabinets looks.

Maximize Your Jewelry Showcase Use

Visibility of the products displayed is the single most important
factor when purchasing a jewelry showcase. Traditional quarter vision
jewelry showcases are widely used by the jewelry industry to present
unique items to the potential customers. There is a direct relation
between the overall cost of the display showcase and the full amount
of merchandise it is displaying. On the other end the look of the
jewelry showcase must correspond to the price ranges of the
merchandise it contains. Half vision jewelry cases are attractive in
many ways. You can display in them twice the amount of merchandise on
two shelves. You also have the benefit of an ample lockable storage
area below. Half vision jewelry showcases will accommodate more less
expensive merchandise using the same square footage as a conventional
jewelry showcase. The storage below allows for refill merchandise to
be kept at reach. Packaging, gift boxes and others are right there
when needed. The half vision jewelry showcase is your compact, self
contained selling station. It can be installed standing by itself in
the selling area for customers to walk around. More frequently you
will see them aligned next to each other. Having a large glass display
area and a substantial storage space together saves time and energy.
Less running around and more time dedicated to the customers for more