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Full Vision Museum Pedestals

Frameless museum pedestals are the perfect tool to display collector’s items, artwork, memorabilia, museum’s specimens. Since the glass panels are joined using a glass to glass construction method all the contents may be viewed in their entirety. without obstruction. Museum pedestals manufacturers are now using optically clear and UV activated adhesives to join the glass panels together. The bonding is ultra resistant and unbreakable. Additionally it will make the museum pedestal totally airtight. You are ending up with a one piece clear glass cubicle and none of the metal hardware that spoils the look and reduce the visibility inside. These are important features of full vision glass museum pedestals that are to be made safe, reliable, easy to operate and dust free.

Pre Assembled Glass Display Cases Are a Must

It has become a general consensus that pre assembled glass display cases are pretty much the only way to go when purchasing glass showcases. No one has the labor and time to put knock down showcases together. Parts may be missing or broken and you end up wasting much time, redoing things again with little to no results. The so called freight savings realized when purchasing knock are totally eaten up by the time you have figured out how to make your display case work. Pre assembled glass display cases just need to be uncrated, quality checked, moved to the proper area and are quickly ready to use. Wall display showcases, free standing towers, glass top pedestals, counter high jewelry showcases and wall hung shadow boxes are all available pre assembled nowadays.

Upscale Optical Display Cases

The retail optical industry is divided between two kinds of outlets. The large corporate multi retail stores that have expanded nationwide. They have a very uniform look, carry the same brands of glasses and offer the same optical services at an identical pricing. The second category are individually owned optical stores that provide a wide array of optical frames and designs from manufacturers all over the world. These upscale stores have a more elaborate and distinctive presentation and are making ample use of standard and custom made optical display cases. Optical wall shadow boxes, table optical dispensaries, glass top pedestals, wall display showcases with optical inside displays are common features in these stores.
Store designers and planners get involved into the choice and design of these particular optical display cases which purpose is to create a unique and unforgettable look. Colors, textures, lighting and graphics are utilized to reinforce this uniqueness.

Custom Museum Cases

Artwork, memorabilia, sculptures can vary enormously in size, look, form and media used to create them. Museum curators have to come up with ingenious and creative ways to display them in a safe environment. Fortunately many designs of custom made museum cases are available and can be made upon specifications. Typically designers and architects will submit to manufacturers detailed drawings and specifications of what they are looking for. Tempered glass, laminated glass, UV resistant glass in as well as non reflective glass are common required features when ordering custom museum cases. Locking mechanisms may also be custom such as pneumatic ones and humidity control systems are almost always a must in custom museum showcases. Sizes such as width, depth, height will be manufactured upon request. Various stain finishes can also be applied on the surface of the cabinetry of the museum showcase to fit the existing décor.

Glass Towers

Manufacturers and brands do choose glass towers as promotional display cases to advertise and sell their products in retail environments. For one glass towers take relatively little space and can be moved around easily. Glass tower cases are also easy to ship being small and lighter than wall showcases. Retailers can install their promotional glass display tower within minutes which is a big plus. The name and logo of the brand or collection may be easily printed on the top canopy of the glass tower and halogen or LED lighting may be installed inside the top cabinet to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the products. Glass towers are ideal as promotional display cases since the prospective customers can easily walk around them to look at each product more precisely.

Wall Display Showcases for Institutions

Schools, universities, government agencies, libraries always have assigned sections for wall glass display showcases. They may use them to display trophies, memorabilia, documents, artwork or scientific instrumentation to name a few. Institutions will use large size wall display cases since they have many items to showcase. Most of the wall cases you will see in institutions have multiple adjustable shelves, are lockable and made of tempered glass. They are all pre assembled and dust resistant. A conventional wall showcase ought to be low maintenance since they are installed in a semi public environment with a good amount of traffic. Newer wall display showcases models have central dividers built into them that allows the creation of multiple compartments. Institutions need showcases all the time and consequently manufacturers have to come with new wall cases concepts all the time.

Glass Jewelry Showcases New Perimeters

A new category of retail jewelry stores is now opting for free standing counter high glass jewelry showcases. For years jewelry store owners used to stack up next to each other their jewelry cases. Right now by installing each glass jewelry showcase away from each other designers are attempting to draw distinctions between each collection on display. It also makes the whole retail space more inviting, visible and facilitate the customers free flow. One of the aspects of this new trend in design is less storage area and more to see on display. I?t makes sense from an economical point of view since carrying a large inventory has become a prohibitive proposition for jewelers.

Glass Display Showcases Trends

The more you visit retail stores, exhibit areas, museums the more you notice that the emphasis is on more glass display and less cabinetry. This is true of free standing towers, wall glass display showcases and jewelry counter showcases. All is about giving a more open and inviting look. This is done with the help of a minimalist approach to the glass display cases design and manufacturing. One could also say that it is more economical and fits with the budget limits of our times. Cabinet manufacturing is labor intensive and costly. The choice to include more glass display area in most glass display showcases will therefore decrease the bottom line costs.

Custom Display Cases

Specialty stores such as home décor, upscale jewelry stores, galleries, high end optical stores have been opening everywhere over the last few years. Since they carry fewer but more specific items they are in constant need of custom made glass display cases. Most glass display showcases manufacturers will require high minimum orders to design and develop such custom glass cases. The reason is that the process is time consuming and labor intensive. Such quality stores need custom glass showcases primarily to look exclusive, different. Customization may include the creation of a totally new design or concept, sometimes simply sizing changes of an existing standard glass display case or a cabinetry new custom finish. A well designed custom showcase will accentuate the unique value of the item for sale. It will show it to the best. Thicker tempered glass, laminated glass, custom locking mechanisms, high tech LED lighting options are other features of custom display cases.

Modern Glass Display Cases

Many stores and establishments currently use glass display cases. However many of these are old and dated. For those looking to replace or purchase glass showcases for the first time perhaps a new modern look will enhance the look of your establishment. Modern glass display cases possess certain key characteristics. Often the cabinet part of the case is minimalistic meaning their size is proportional and simple. The cabinet does not distract from the glass area of the case where the objects being displayed are located. Another aspect of glass display cases is the frame which should be simple and usually metallic. This provides a very clean look. Finally the lighting inside the glass display case is smaller and brighter than what was previously found in display cases. Usually these are LED lights. Overall modern glass display cases have a simpler, cleaner look that make the contents of the case stand out while beautifying the room where the cases are placed.

Individual and Large Glass Trophy Cases

From the individual collector to colleges and sports clubs the overall demand for glass trophy cases varies much in size, design and concepts. Some trophy cases may be as rudimentary as a stained wood base with a glass cubicle on top of it. For some other users a glass trophy case will be a large glass trophy showcase with multiple shelves, lighting, a base and top cabinets. Years ago most of the glass trophy showcases were indeed called collector’s cases. Much of it has to do with accumulating, preserving and showcasing all kinds of memorabilia which are basically collectibles. Free standing glass top pedestals do fall into the very same category of individual and large glass trophy cases. My guess is that it has much to do with recognition and the constant reference to past accomplishments.

Glass Jewelry Cases

Jewelry store owners travel from trade shows to trade shows to exhibit and sells some of their latest creations to the best. Since they may drive or fly to the trade shows locations finding a strong, reliable, easy to use and attractive portable jewelry case is essential. Portable glass jewelry cases are always made of tempered glass and lockable since exposed to the public. Ideally portable jewelry cases should not exceed thirty to thirty five pounds so they may be shipped economically and handled easily. The typical portable glass jewelry case will be set on a table or stand provided by the exhibit organizers. They are manufactured with lockable sliding glass doors or full pull out decks for easy access and effective displaying. Since success means more creative ways to reach out for customers portable glass display cases are the ideal tool to accomplish just this.

Museum Pedestals For Companies

Corporate headquarters and branches install different styles of museum pedestals in their entrance, lobby and meeting rooms. Their purpose is to showcase the distinctive products or inventions that have made this particular company successful. Museum pedestals are usually set up in the middle of rooms and are fully visible. They will keep their content safe and clean. You will very often notice that some documentation paperwork is laid next to the products within the museum pedestal. Here the glass showcase acts as a support, an enclosure for the recognition of the significant achievements of the corporation.

Large Size Trophy Glass Showcases

Corporations, associations, department stores, schools and universities have specific and common displaying requirements. They room or space are vast and more often than not they need to find a way to install large wall glass trophy showcases right next to each other all alongside wide walls. Sectional, pre assembled, tempered glass trophy wall showcases are the solution of choice. For one the surface, structure or construction of the wall does not need to be altered which saves time and work. Since large size trophy glass showcases are mounted on rollers they can easily be placed along the wall next to each other and then tightly bolted together through their base and top cabinets. Large glass trophy cases may be manufactured up to seven feet and a half tall and six feet wide. Since manufacturers will build them with center dividers for additional strength store planners will find glass trophy wall showcases highly reliable.

Glass Top Pedestals in Airports

As we have seen over the past few years there has been a vast restructuration in the airlines industry and we are ending up with fewer major carriers. The ones left have been around for a long time and do happen to have quite an history. Airlines companies will choose to display some historical documents, plaques, trophies, reproductions in glass top pedestals. They may be installed in the passengers registration areas, corridors leading to the gates or in seating areas. Glass top pedestals are highly effective in this type of environments. They are discreet, clean and highly noticeable. Glass top pedestals can also be moved easily depending on the circumstances. They can be used singly or in groups. Lastly glass top pedestals may be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes.