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Wall Showcases with Anti Reflective Glass

When displaying large items in a wall glass display case anti reflective glass may be the way to go. This is especially true when the wall showcase is anywhere from four feet to six feet wide. Tempered anti reflective glass has a thin film applied to its surface that will prevent and cancel the reflection of the objects in the direct vicinity of the glass showcase. Provided that the wall display showcase is installed against a wall it will make sense to manufacture the showcase with a solid back covered with fabric. The front sliding glass doors then should be made using anti reflective glass. For added effect and visibility the sides of the wall showcase should also have the anti reflective glass feature. The contours, details, colors of the items inside the wall showcase will come out with much precision and will be highly visible. The tones will be deeper and the contents within the wall display showcase will look very real, live like. Some potential and profitable uses of anti reflective glass are trade shows and corporate showrooms. When displaying large items such as a bicycle the difference between regular glass and anti reflective material will be stunning. Still all not that frequent the anti reflective glass is quite an added feature when purchasing a brand new wall glass display showcase.


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