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Glass Trophy Cases with Staggered Shelves

Glass display showcases manufacturers are looking at the institutions such as schools, universities, government agencies as a primary market. Since funds are regularly allocated in their budget for display showcases it is a sure and predictable brand of customers. Institutions are predominantly interested in wall glass trophy showcases. Since they have the space readily available they will be looking for very tall and wide showcases. This will translate into large glass display areas with multiple and fully adjustable glass shelving. The items to be displayed in these sizeable glass trophy cases are of very many different sizes and building the glass areas with staggered glass shelves makes sense. The result is more openness and a better showing of each individual item. The glass trophy showcase ends up not looking too crowded. Typically you will have the narrowest shelf at the top which in turn allows the lighting in the top canopy to circulate all the way to the bottom of the glass area. Staggered glass shelves trophy cases are very geared to institutions needs.


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