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Getting Creative

Wanna get creative with how you display your special items? With a shadow box display case the possibilities are endless. You can display your favorite sports jersey or even your favorite memories with a loved one. Here at tecno Display we want to make you the perfect shadow box display case. We understand you want to proudly display your favorite items. With a shadow box display case you can keep those special items or timeless memories shown off forever while being protected. We offer a wide variety of sizes and finishes to make the perfect shadow box display case.

Trophy Case for Home

Here at Tecno Display we specialize in quality. We know showing off your items is important to you. We can make the perfect trophy case for your home. Our GL600-40 is the perfect trophy case; featuring clear tempered glass sides and a clear tempered glass front. Our trophy case will be sure to display your items in a traditional and clean way.

Counter Display Boxes

Having a simple Counter Display box will add a clear view for your items. Whether you are using your counter display box for a presentation on the go or protecting your favourite watches. Our GL 201 glass counter display case will be the perfect addition to your collection.

Dispensary Display Units

With many new dispensary stores coming in, they need quality display units for product. Showcasing products in a nice display unit will not only catch the customers eye, but also keep them safe. We offer a wide variety of display units. We have many variations of colors, LED lighting, locks, and sliding doors. Dispensaries need to keep a close eye on product and need to know its safe and locked up. LED lighting in our display units will help keep the focus on your product and be able to see it more clearly.

Museum Cases

When you go to a museum you can always find something that catches your eye. Maybe its a certain display case that makes you wonder towards that item. We offer a wide variety of of museum illuminated pedestals just for that, With LED lights this will attract many guests to any object your trying to show. Our museum illuminated pedestals are meant to make your objects the center of attention and be kept protected.

Custom Jewelry Display

When you have jewelry that is special to you, you want something equally special to display it in. Having jewelry just lying around or getting lost is a ticking time bomb. With a custom jewelry display case we can create something for your jewelry to be shown off and be kept safe. Our custom jewelry displays are made with high tempered glass, variety of colors, and locking sliding doors. We want to ensure your jewelry is safe and yet being able to shine. When jewelry is not displayed properly it can get tarnished or even lost. Keeping it in a safe place will ensure its long lasting life. Jewelry is an investment and should always be stored safety.

Keeping Your Sunglasses Safe

How many pairs of sunglasses have got ruined of yours because you don't have a safe place for them? Sunglasses can be very expensive and should be treated as such. We offer a beautiful sunglasses display case with locking sliding doors, five rods, and holds a total of 50 frames. Say goodbye to damaged sunglasses and put them up in our modern sun glass display case. Show off your sunglasses in style and protected.