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Glass Display Cases

Glass display cases come in many different shapes and sizes. Glass display cases include trophy cases, floor standing showcases, pedestal display cases, wall-mounted showcases, museum display cases and many more varieties. What they all have in common is that that incorporate glass. This glass is usually tempered which provides strength and safety. Glass display cases offer a wide range of benefits including securing important items, lighting products and providing a framework within which to display items.

Wall Mounted Display Cases for Collectibles

Wall mounted display cases for collectibles are a great way to show off your collection of special items. These display cases are mounted on the wall, usually with screws. They are generally rectangular in shape and not very large. Many wall mounted display cases for collectibles come with built in LED lights. One of the major benefits of these display cases is that you can install them at just the right height for perfect viewing.

Display Case

Display cases are everywhere. Display cases are purchased for decorative purposes, to highlight products and artifacts displayed. They also protect jewelry and other precious items. Display cases have been evolving with ever more modern materials used in their construction. Many new finishes are now available. Lighting has become mostly LED lighting.

Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are essential for almost all retailers, and are also used by a variety of other institutions. Display cabinets serve several important purposes. First they protect whatever is being displayed. Secondly, they add beauty to the objects that are presented inside of the display cabinets.

Sunglass Display Case

A sunglass display case is a particular kind of showcase. It needs to be able to hold sunglass and eyeglass frames. It accomplishes this by incorporating vertical eyewear display rods which have frame holders. Each frame holder carries one pair of sunglasses. A sunglass display usually hold between forty and one hundred frames. So many products can safely be display with these sunglass display case.

Cash Wrap Counter

A cash wrap counter is used in almost every retail store in the country. The cash wrap counter is used to check customers out and is usually where the register is located. Cash wrap counters are also a center piece of the store where supplies can be stored and where customers know to go if they have questions or need help. Cash wrap counters can be simple and rectangular or be more complex with a curved design and splendid finishes. They are usually purchased as customized items as every store has a different look and requirements.

GL5 - Trophy Showcase

The GL5 is an attractive rectangular trophy showcase with five fully adjustable 1/4” thick glass shelves that display any objects in an organized environment. Clear glass back, clear glass front, and clear glass sides offer a clear and unobstructed view of the objects being displayed. The use of tempered glass allow clarity and outstanding quality. Locking sliding doors are effective and undemanding. The GL5 is truly a powerful trophy showcase that will meet any needs and wants.

W704 - floating shelf floor display case

The W704 is an elegant floor display case with three 1/4” thick glass floating shelves. The floating shelves create individual compartments to display one or various objects in an attractive environment. The W704 is created with tempered glass for the safety of our customers and the safety of their customers. Four LED top lights are added to optimize the visual appeal of the objects displayed and wheels are added to facilitate the movement of the display case. The W704 is simply a marvelous floor display case for anyone.