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Curved Corner Jewelry Showcases

With their various radius curved corner jewelry showcases are a class apart. Placed next to a group of straight linear jewelry cases they create a sense of infinite continuity. An inviting sense of open space available to all is immediately felt once the prospective customer enters the store. Curved corner jewelry showcases may be made in different lengths with each a corresponding radius. Depending on the marketing requirements curved jewelry showcases are manufactured in quarter, half, full vision. The majority of jewelry stores have the quarter vision type that allows for the direct and exclusive vision of the jewelry items inside. Building a full vision corner jewelry showcase is much of a challenge for manufacturers. A thirty eight inches tall panel of curved glass with a constant radius, impeccable clarity and no imperfections is hard to obtain. Fitting that large of a glass curved panel inside the groove of the base cabinet requires experienced craftsmanship. You may see some variance of look when visiting jewelry stores. Some curved jewelry showcases have a glass to glass construction on the front and sides. Some others have their glass panels joined with aluminum framing all around. Either way curved jewelry cases create a sense of comfort and intimacy in any retail or conventional space.

Assorted Wall Lit Shadow Boxes

There are original and entertaining ways to display some unique and surprising merchandise. Attached against a wall or hung up from the ceiling with metal cables a group of shadow boxes will make item look special.Shadow boxes are available in all sizes, with or without a door, with glass shelves or without. Some will choose a shadow box with a door while others will go for the totally open shadow box. Some can be as basic as five panels of wood assembled together with a colorful, vibrant finish. The basic shadow is very inexpensive to produce. A well placed grouping of different sizes shadow boxes will fill any wall and attract much attention. Hanging a few of them at interesting intervals and different heights in a front window is an eye catcher. With a touch of sparkling light each shadow box of the group will enhance its own products.

Quality and Reliable Counter-Top Glass Cases

When deciding on the type of glass case you will purchase you can choose between acrylic, regular glass curio and a quality and reliable counter-top showcase. While the initial investment in a quality counter-top is higher it has a great many advantages. Made of tempered glass, with strong hardware, efficient lighting and professional assembly it will last many years. All tightly assembled it will resist tears and scratches on the glass better. Halogen, LED lighting, fully adjustable shelves, quality locks are common features of all reliable counter-top cases. All will offer better and more flexible ways to display your products over time. It does make sense to invest in a quality showcase to start with. It will display all your future lines of small products to their best.

Custom Made Display Cases on Legs

Store designers and planners like to create open spaces that are enticing to walking traffic. Custom made display cases such as jewelry showcases on legs is one of the way to achieve this effect. Wooden legs or metal legs under the glass area will do the job. There is a choice between straight, Queen Anne and tapered legs that can be mounted under a custom made display case. The wooden legs and deck of the glass area can be stained in a wide variety of finishes from maple to cherry and more.With that many options one can create an open look that will fit most any decor. Alternatively metal legs may installed under the glass area. Since metal can be shaped in more ways than wood the possibilities are endless. The custom made jewelry showcase can have straight, curved, antique looking or stylized modern looking legs in all kinds of designs and finishes. The designs keep on changing and are making the whole field more interesting.

Elongated Pedestal Trophy Cases

Museums, conservatories, universities, historical societies have to devise ways to show their audience items of unusual sizes. Mannequins,statues, replicas, artifacts are examples of odd size objects to display. Fortunately pedestal trophy cases can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes. A typical example is to figure how to display the wood reproduction of an eighteenth century navy ship. Since the ship is unusually wide with somewhat tall masts and sails the pedestal trophy case top display area should be custom made. Wide and tall tempered glass panels can be assembled to meet the sizes requirements. The glass to glass construction coupled with optically clear adhesive will guarantee the impeccable visibility of the contents. Accordingly the wood base of the pedestal trophy case will be built sturdy to support the weight of the glass. Elongated pedestal trophy cases may be built as wide as five feet following the glass to glass construction. If any wider a metal framing joining the glass panels is highly recommended.

Versatile Trophy Pedestals

Free standing pedestals have multiple uses. Art galleries and collectors will place them separately to hold and display their artwork, sculptures and valuable collectibles. You may see some more elaborate trophy pedestals in sporting goods stores showcasing all the paraphernalia of a given sports team. Exhibitors are making ample use of free standing trophy pedestals during their trade shows. Pedestals are all solid, robust and can be transported easily from one trade show to another. One can choose from the standard sizes offered by manufacturers or have them custom made.When installed on rollers pedestals will be easy to move around. In turn it will allow for different groupings of trophy pedestals configurations.Interestingly enough they can be customized with the in printing of company names and logos on their sides. A sheet of mirror may be laid and attached on the top to dispense more reflections. Trophy pedestals may also some accent LED lighting coming out of their base. Lockable storage, open shelving, multiple drawers can be found on specific trophy pedestal models. This is to show how versatile they are!

High End Glass Showcases for Schools and Universities

A grant, donation, sponsorship provide a school or university procurement agent the perfect opportunity to look for one or several high end glass display cases. Their destination is a library, an exclusive meeting or a specific museum, exhibit within a section of the learning establishment. Since the high end display showcases purpose is to display unique items and documents they should be made to last many years. Typically large solid wood wall glass showcases will be the choice. They may have to be custom made size wise to fit the specific requirements of the university room. A classical look high end showcase is always recommended. A balanced combination of attractive moldings will give the display case its timeless look. Thick tempered glass shelves will guarantee the safe displaying of items of all weights. Schools and universities are operating on an allocated budget during the purchase process. It will be up to the manufacturer to educate their agent on the best high showcase to purchase.

Memorabilia and Trophy Glass Cases for Your Home

It is always nice to group your collectibles, memorabilia and souvenirs in a single space. A fully enclosed glass showcase is the best way to do it. Depending on your space there are many ways and many varieties of glass trophy showcases to choose from.If you live in a tiny apartment then get a small glass countertop trophy case, You have a larger collectibles collection then a free standing showcase may be the perfect solution. Long time collectors with spacious living quarters will go for a wide rectangular trophy case for their home. They are pre assembled, compact and easy to install. Once received basically all you have to do is set up the shelves, install the sliding doors and plug in the electrical. With a memorabilia and trophy showcase in your home you will be proud to show your friends all you have collected over the years.

Sectional Wall Display Showcases

Retail stores and collectors alike will need to install wall display showcases against wall that may be up to forty feet long. To cover that much space sectional wall display cases are the best option. For one you can purchase them standard and it is more economical and sectional wall cases are readily available on the market. Any manufacturer offers the same style and design in different widths. Given a good quantity they will accept to do custom width wall cases to fit the overall required dimensions. Once all installed against the long wall all there is to do is to push them against each other tightly. Then only they may be leveled and bolted together. Holes should be drilled on the sides of the sectional wall showcases in order to bolt them tightly. The result will be a uniform look that is structurally sound.

Glass Towers and Information Centers

Exhibit planners, the tourism industry, entertainment centers need glass towers that can both showcase products and dispense information at the same time. The same is true of companies and brands that are looking for glass towers to promote their items and introduce them to the public with brochures, pamphlets etc...There are a few ways display showcases manufacturers can built this category of glass towers. Since tower display cases are anywhere from seventy three to seventy eight inches tall manufacturers will choose to raise the wood base up to forty inches tall. Adjustable wood shelves will be installed within the base of the glass tower where brochures, prospectus, pamphlets may be stored. Plastic brochures holders can be attached on the sides of the glass display section to contain information paperwork. Additionally a separate short stand with cubby holes may be attached and incorporated to the glass tower. Manufacturers may build their glass towers information centers up to twenty four inches square and therefore open storage compartments may be designed on more than one side.

Retail Store Display Cabinets

Open wall shelving is the staple way general merchandise stores display their lines of products. It is in many ways the basic framework of most retailers displaying project. Specialty retailers will add free standing pedestals, self contained glass towers, pre assembled counter showcases in the various center areas of their selling space. Retail store display cabinets overall should reflect the image the store wants to project. By image we mean look, differenciation, merchandise price ranges available. Retail store display cabinets should be in tune with the demographic and economics of the area. The choice of display cabinets is wide. From simple, mass produced store cabinets to highly custom models. Good retail store planning and budgeting are determining factors in the building completion of successful stores.

How to Customize Your Display Cabinets

The richness and warmth of solid wood display cabinets is why consumers will choose a wood finish versus a laminate. A well finished display cabinet accentuates the natural beauty of the wood grain. While the wood panels forming the cabinets are flat they may be customized in various ways. Wood strips partitions can be worked on within the overall surface of the panel. Crown moldings, half round or flute mouldings may be added to bring some detailing and depth to the custom cabinet. An alternative and economical process to customize a display cabinet is to insert a recessed moulding pattern. The term recessed is used in reference to the moulding design being drawn within the inside of the custom display cabinet. In addition cabinet makers may insert custom designed metal parts or plates within the base cabinet. In this respect copper treated metal inserts are effective to customize an attractive display cabinet.