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Trade Shows Rental Display Cases

The logistics of preparing to exhibit in a general trade show are complex and demanding.Specific trade shows happen once or twice a year. They are located in major cities throughout the country. Exhibitors participating in gift ware and jewelry shows prefer renting their glass showcases from the trade show organizers. This will save them the expansive shipping and drayage costs. Rental glass showcases have generic look. The cabinetry is either white or black and they are built with noticeable silver framing. Rental glass showcases are built simple and strong. They have to withstand tear and extensive usage. Rental glass cases are being moved in and out of the trade show floor dozen of times.In between shows they are stored in large warehouses. Rental glass display cases are handled from one place to another all the time. Free standing towers, wall display showcases, jewelry counter cases are offered for rent in most jewelry, gift, optical trade shows.

Your Basic Utility Cash Counter

From fully pre assembled to knock downs cash counters are built for many uses in many types of locations. Retail stores, convention centers, exhibit areas, schools, movie houses have cash counters on their floor. Your basic cash counter is essentially built using pre laminated material and is mounted either on levelers or rollers. For budgetary reasons high traffic locations will use knock down cash counters.They are less expensive to produce and cheaper to ship. A basic cash counter can be assembled in less than an hour. Open shelving in the back is the one single feature of all simple cash counters. A recessed top portion is also common. Otherwise durability and stability are expected. From a manufacturing perspective utility cash counters are easy to produce. C and C routers can automatically cut and mass produce all the necessary parts. A utility cash counter is versatile and over time will fulfill many functions.

Wall Shadow Boxes with Dividers

Fitting the walls of a retail or exhibit space with shadow boxes has many advantages.For one it adds up to the existing display area. Secondarily it decorates and warms up walls that otherwise may be left blank.Commercial spaces often have an irregular configuration. They may be very deep or very wide with extra long walls. Since wall hung shadow boxes can be custom made in a variety of sizes one may choose to install on such a wall a four to six feet wide display. A wall shadow box with a center divider is the perfect solution. The center divider will provide additional support between the base and top cabinets. It will allow to segregate the otherwise too wide tempered glass shelves. By having a center divider in your shadow box you multiply the number of glass shelves by two. By doing so you create way more displaying sections. In return you will be able to group, categorize, identify the contents more efficiently. Wall shadow boxes with dividers are fantastic marketing and presentation tools.

Curved Cabinets and Built in Storage

Curved cabinets and curved glass display showcases are always eye catchers. The beauty and elegance of the curved glass and cabinets makes them noticeable and one feels like walking towards them. Curved wall display showcases can be seen in a number of retail stores such as optical and jewelry shops.The cost of retail space is substantial retailers do need all the extra storage space they can use. Some will choose to order their curved cabinet wall showcase with a lockable storage base lockable door Two options are available: The door can be placed on the front of the curved cabinet or installed on either side of the curved cabinet base. As any cabinet maker will say cutting and finishing a curved door that will fit exactly the radius of the main base cabinet requires many skills and highly time consuming.Additionally the hardware such as lock and hinges spoils.the clean look of the curved cabinet. Manufacturers will recommend that the lockable storage door be built on either of the flat sides of the base cabinet. It is practical, economical, looks better and serves the purpose. The end result is that you get your storage space without altering the beauty of the curved cabinet.

Tecno Display Cases in Canada

For the last seven years Tecno Display has been exporting its collection of pre assembled glass display showcases to Canada. Since the requirements for display showcases are similar to the US in Canada it makes much sense for a manufacturer to expand across the border. Canada has a healthy economy and there is a good demand for glass showcases in the different parts of the country. The number of domestic Canadian display showcases companies is limited as are the designs and technical capacities. Based on a substantial volume the costs of exporting to Canada are reasonable and the transportation time short. The institutional market is strong in Canada and the needs for display showcases very diverse. All that is required to expand in Canada is a good established distributor with a solid network of sales persons located in the different provinces of Canada.

Jewelry Showcases and LED Lighting

For years fluorescent and halogen lighting were the way to install lights in counter jewelry showcases. The result were not very satisfactory. Fluorescent lighting was too bright within the top glass display area of the showcase. Halogen lighting while accentuating the colors and contrasts of the jewelry on display was uneven and yellowish in tone. Fortunately over the last five years the lighting industry has come up with numerous LED products that can be easily fitted to illuminate the jewelry cases glass area. They essentially come in three forms that will provide different intensities of LED light in the jewelry showcases. LED flexible strips with tiny LED bulbs can be attached most everywhere directly on the glass. Thin and light weight cylinder tubes going anywhere from two feet in length to seven feet may be installed in the glass display area front or back side of the jewelry showcase. This will depend on how the showcase is being built: glass to glass construction or with metal framing. Lastly different shapes and models of small LED poles with one watt or three watts LED light bulbs are available on the market to bring accent lighting inside the jewelry showcase. All and all LED lighting has become pretty much the norm for jewelry cases nowadays.

All Different Looks of Glass Top Pedestals

Pedestal displays have one thing in common. Their glass display section sits on a large and tall solid wood pedestal. With such a vast surface available to be finished a manufacturer has many options and choices available to him. The most conventional way to finish a glass top pedestal cabinet is to laminate it. Nowadays many laminates are available on the market but the end effect is fairly flat. Staining a solid wood glass top pedestal cabinet will make it look more vibrant and warmer. Adding up some molding work and doing a two tones stain job on the pedestal base cabinet will create a unique, intriguing feel. A manufacturer may also choose to apply mirror panels on each side of the pedestal base. Artistic tile with its immense variety of colors, designs, styles can also be installed on the pedestal base stand. Metal plates such as copper, brass, silver that may be emulsion treated are another possibility. Depending on the environment, d├ęcor, budget very many different looks of glass top pedestals can be completed.

Full Vision Wall Display Showcases

Wall display showcases are traditional and consistent in the way they are built. A top canopy, a bottom base, glass panels in the back and sides, two sliding doors in the front and metal framing to join the panels. A new concept of frameless wall display cases has been introduced slowly on the market the last couple of years. The luxury giftware industry and the jewelry trade are starting to use them in their upscale locations. The absence of vertical metal framing typical of the new wall display showcase look allows for the full vision of the products inside. The back panel of the wall showcase is made of extra thick solid wood and a deep groove is made for the back of each tempered glass shelf to fit in. Each shelf is fully inserted in the groove and strong adhesives are utilized to firmly keep it in place. The effect is surprising. It looks like the glass shelves are just suspended in the air within the large wall display showcase.

Display Showcases Built for Schools

Schools are always in need of display showcases for the many areas where they have to organize documents, notices, display awards, memorabilia or artifacts. Since the free standing towers and wall display cases schools are using are placed in high traffic areas they should be built sturdy and easy to maintain. Tempered glass, high pressure laminates and high quality hardware will help in the process. They will avoid breakage of the glass and scratches on the cabinetry. Display showcases for schools have an industrial look of their own. They are what one may call generic since overtime they will be used to many ends and for different purposes. The actual trend is to build wall display cases for schools in very large size to accommodate more and more items.

Pedestal Displays with Lights

Retail stores, museums and exhibit areas are using solid pedestal bases with a glass display area on top and a lockable door. Pedestal displays with lights are the most frequent. When the glass top display area is covered by a solid top canopy the one way to lit up the display is to install the electrical and light bulbs inside the top cabinet. You will also notice that some pedestal display with lights have a top all in glass. Display showcases manufacturers will then opt for LED pole lights. The light fixtures can be installed directly on the solid deck of the glass area preferably in the corners. Commonly the manufacturer will install two to four pole lights in the glass area. They will produce a sharp and focused type of lighting. Pedestal displays with lights will enhance the look and unicity of any object they showcase.

Display Cases and Craftsmanship

Finding quality made glass display cases is not an easy task. Most of what you see online are standard mass produced glass cases with an inexpensive industrial utility look.Most consumers and retailers have become budget driven and the response of display cases manufacturers has been less than adequate in general. All look so blend and generic. Exception ought to be made to the few domestic glass cases manufacturers left. Each of them maintains its own style, quality standards and expands continuously their line of products. They are the ones developing the new trends and setting the bar higher in the field of display cases manufacturing.

Innovative Uses of Free Standing Display Towers

Most glass display are designed to showcase some common categories of items. They are built to be installed in specific areas such as against a wall or on top of a counter. Free standing display towers are the exception. Manufactured with wheels under the base cabinet they can be easily moved around or elevated on top of a platform for higher visibility. The retail store manager may choose to place his free standing display tower next to the front entrance of the retail space, right next to a front window, against a short angled wall or standing alone in the center of the store. Free standing display towers of similar design may also be grouped together. In this configuration they will be perfect to display different lines of collectibles or jewelry next to each other. Free standing display towers have a way to categorize and individualize the contents inside. Since glass display towers are available in square, rectangular, round and hexagonal shapes they can fit in any space that would be left useless otherwise.

Quality Glass Display Cases

Many standards can be considered when trying to gauge the overall quality of a given glass display case. However some basic criteria come into play. Quality raw materials should it be the glass, wood material or hardware are indispensable. A careful assembly by skilled craftsmen in a clean and organized environment is synonymous with quality. This involves the knowledge and proper use of the appropriate tools and machinery. A stable workforce with a strong team spirit is of great help since it will add the consistency factor to the final quality of the production. Needless to say that the rigid application of all the checks and steps of the final quality control is the ultimate guarantee that the product will reach the end user in the best condition.