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What a Wood Display Case Can Do For You

Wood display showcases are always noticeable for the warmth they project within any decor, surrounding. Since they are made of wood their natural look will come out strongly. Since many stain finishes can be applied to the sanded wood surfaces the appearance of wood showcases will drastically change using one stain or another. For example the same design will much change should it be maple or cherry stained. Many styles of wood display cases are available from modern, streamline looking to the classical and ornamental group. Additionally from simple to elaborate moldings can be applied to the front face and sides of wood showcases. Crown moldings are frequent on the front and smaller patterns of square and round moldings are added here and there to harmonize the look of a wood display case. Detailing, timeless beauty, richness and warmth are the essential qualities of well made wood display cases.

A Reliable Glass Display Showcases Manufacturer

As a retailer or store designer trying to source a glass display showcases manufacturer there are many options to consider. When looking for an original cabinet finish and a variety of showcases designs to achieve a specific look you should turn to a domestic glass display cases manufacturer. Their website and catalog will include different categories of glass showcases that will cover your multiple displaying needs should it be tower cases, wall showcases, jewelry showcases, cash counters and shadow boxes. For each model the manufacturer will specify the different sizes available, the options that can be added and the selection of cabinet finishes. By the same token available customization will be stated. A reliable glass manufacturer will inquire about your specific needs, what you are planning to use the showcases for, the price ranges of your different lines of merchandise. Your budget, the look and proper design you want to complete should be discussed with your experienced display case manufacturer.

Customized Cash Counters

Depending on the space configuration of commercial spaces cash counters should be flexible and easy to move around. They should be adaptable to all kinds of uses such as cash wraps, tables, storage units, information centers. In order to do so manufacturers are offering standard cash counters where a number of options can easily be added. Ledges, check writing areas, pull out trays, multiple open shelving, lockable storage, compartments for your computer terminals are only a few. Compact and modular cash counters versions are available to satisfy different spaces dimensions. From the small utility cash counter to the large curved and sophisticated cash wrap there are many to choose from. For structural integrity and durability pre assembled cash counters are highly recommended. A user friendly fixture is always preferable since many employees will use it over time. Cash counters in more ways than one act as a piece of furniture central to the image of the space they fit in.

High Visibility Glass Trophy Showcases

The long time collector is always looking for the perfect glass trophy showcase to group the highest number of collectibles and at the same time keep them visible. A quality made trophy case will help keeping all the memorabilia secure, clean and organized. As we know the more we accumulate the hardest it is to find things. A well designed glass trophy showcase with multiple adjustable shelving will allow the collector to group specific collectibles that belong to the same collection and therefore identify them properly. A full vision trophy case with minimal cabinetry will enable any collector to showcase more items and keep them visible by the same token. Since most trophy display cases are built as wall units they can be manufactured as wide as five feet. With the addition of the LED lighting in the top canopy and on the side of the trophy case all the memorabilia and collectibles can show distinctly and to their best.

How to Receive Your Display Showcase Shipment

Glass display cases are large and delicate items and are to be shipped using the appropriate kind of packaging. Most companies will choose to lay the display case on a pallet and to crate it using what is called a wood skeleton packaging. Then the glass display case will be shrink wrapped to protect it from the dust and humidity. Padding and inside protection is always added to protect the cabinetry of the display fixture. This kind of crating is light, efficient and easy to dispose of once you are receiving your showcase. Since the glass panels are the most sensitive part of any display showcase it is a good idea to check first for any glass breakage upon receipt. Then you may want to have a look inside of your showcase through the clear shrink wrapped plastic. If and when all is satisfactory you should slowly dismantle your skeleton crating to free the glass display showcase. Once done it should be lifted or wheeled out of the pallet. Once on your floor you should take away the plastic shrink wrap covering the cabinet and glass portion of your new display case. Give your display fixture a good final cleanup and it should be ready to use.

How To Use Your Free Standing Tower Case

Free standing tower cases are the choice when it comes to flexibility. They can fit pretty much anywhere and are available in many shapes and sizes. Some standard tower cases are all glass from top to bottom with only a thin base cabinet and a narrow top canopy. This will allow for multiple glass shelves and ample displaying. Other free standing towers are built with a tall base cabinet at the bottom with either a lockable storage compartment or open shelving. Brochures, catalogs, prospectus may be organized within the shelving of the tower case. Convention centers and receptions areas do utilize this type of free standing towers effectively. Inside the glass top half they can showcase artwork, memorabilia, commemorative items while at the bottom all the information connected to them is readily available. In this case the free standing tower has the value of an information center.

Commercial Display Cabinets

Corporate offices, institutions, retail stores are prime customers of commercial display cabinets. Open shelving, storage areas, work tables, desks, fully enclosed wall showcases are much in demand. Commercial display cabinets are pretty much always custom made. The manufacturing company in charge of the millwork will complete the project from architectural drawings or blue print. Since this category of custom cabinets is very labor intensive commercial cabinets are made of solid wood with veneers applied on the surfaces. Once assembled the commercial display cabinets will be stained to fit the d├ęcor of the space. Since the completed commercial cabinets are to fit within a space with strict limitations the accuracy of the accuracy of the craftsmanship is essential. Once the overall installation is done an expert cabinet maker will add up all the moldings wood work, While there may be some irregularities or gaps on the walls against which the commercial display cabinets are installed a professional installer will correct them at this time. The addition of wood moldings will give either a classical, antique or modern look to the custom cabinets.

Functional Cash Counters

Cash counters are being used by a wide range or organizations. From retail stores to showrooms, offices, reception areas there is always a need for a cash counter. Properly designed they will fill multiple purposes. A cash counter can serve as a desk, as a paperwork organizer or as the one place you settle your bills. Linear and curved cash counters are the most common looks you will see everywhere. It is important to realize that depending on your operation a cash counter should be functional and convenient. It is the one fixture you will use continuously during the day. It should fit your particular needs. For example a standard feature is to have pre drilled holes set so that your computer wiring may be easily inserted and not visible. Checks writing areas, recessed tops, drawers, pull out trays, lockable storage with shelving are some of the options that will make the everyday use of your cash counter easier and more productive. Cash counters are made to use for many years and are visible from everywhere. They are being subjected to intensive use and should be built using the highest quality materials. Pre assembled and compact cash counters are definitely the way to go. We would suggest making a list of what all your daily tasks are before purchasing the appropriate cash counter.

Curved Quarter Vision Jewelry Showcases

It takes quite a spacious retail space area to use curved jewelry showcases. You will see them in high end jewelry stores that feature luxury jewelry and watches brands. Since curved jewelry showcases are highly custom they are available in only a limited number of radiuses. This is mainly due to the high cost of getting the curved glass panels made. Typically a good showcases layout will include a succession of curved jewelry showcases of different radiuses to create an attractive free flowing environment. Cash counters and bridal jewelry showcases will be included in the assortment. Because of the curvature of the whole layout a substantial amount of space behind the curved jewelry showcases will be left free. Retail store owners will maximize this space and use it for storage and demonstration purposes. To accentuate the aesthetical beauty of a curved jewelry showcases layout manufacturers will choose to recess the cabinet below the glass area by three to four inches. In return this will give a more pronounced, distinct look to the jewelry inside the showcase.

Jewelry Display Cases Front Face Cabinets

When it comes to selecting the right jewelry display showcase for your store the choice is about the style of cabinetry you will have below the glass display area. Up to a few years ago the bottom cabinets of all glass jewelry showcases was always solid. Cabinets were basically the same depth and width as the jewelry showcase top glass area. All this made for a compact jewelry display showcase. Manufacturers then started to favor a more open cabinet look. Jewelry display cases nowadays look more like museum showcases. The glass area is now held up by metal or wood legs at each corner. Another popular design is to have solid wood sides on the glass area and to extend them all the way down to the floor so as to raise and support the jewelry showcase glass display area. This new open look enables the creation of many designs and finishes.

Glass Trophy Showcases in Stadiums

Restaurants, bars, gift stores are a common feature in stadiums. The gift shops are dedicated to the official team and numerous trophy glass display showcases are installed to present all the team memorabilia. Caps, T shirts, scarves, key rings and a wide range of engraved or printed items are available in these souvenirs stores. Statues, figurines, signed footballs, baseballs, handballs find their place in large wall glass trophy showcases. Placed separately or one against the other trophy display cases are ideal to protect their contents from dust and theft. Since trophy glass cases are manufactured with fully adjustable glass shelves they can accommodate statues, awards and trophies of very different sizes and shapes. While trophy glass cases rest on wheels they can easily be moved against the perimeter walls of the store, against the inside of the front windows or as an island in the middle of the store. For better visibility trophy glass display showcases include LED lighting installed in the top canopy cabinet. Side track LED lighting and a mirror back are additional options common in trophy cases. Professional sports teams are using glass cases all the time in their landmark gift stores.