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Shadow Boxes in Front Glass Windows

Art galleries, optical stores, home accessory shops will use multiple sizes of shadow boxes against a wall installed at regular intervals. It is now common place to see small shadow boxes hanging in the glass front window. The shadow boxes are suspended with the help of a system of metal cables. All is ultimately attached to the front ceiling of the store. Each shadow box is suspended at a different level and groups of six to twelve of them may be installed together all hung up at different heights. The shadow boxes can be manufactured in wood with a natural stain finish. In order to attract more attention from the walking traffic they may be finished with vivid paint colors. Red, green, yellow are the most popular tones for shadow boxes used in stores front glass window. The cable system used to link each shadow box is sometimes intricate giving the whole display a feeling of magic. In addition the various shadow boxes composing the display may be individually lit. Shadow boxes are an efficient way to present items in a very unique way.

Round Tower Showcases in Optical Stores

Retail optical stores have been using for years square and rectangular counter cases to display and differentiate the various brands they are carrying. The very same glass counter cases may be installed in very many areas of the store to drive the traffic from one identifiable brand to the next one. As far as displaying lenses and frames facing the front windows or in the center of the store glass round tower cases prove to be most effective. For one the curved radius of a round tower showcase will systematically catch the eye, attract traffic. Since curved glass towers have a thin bottom and top cabinet the whole center glass display area id pretty much see through. With their multiple shelves the glass round tower cases can display a substantial number of frames and lenses. The curvature of the glass panels is an invitation to walk around the curved tower and look at all its contents. A rounder tower showcase will look very unique by itself in a designated area. Grouped together round showcases will create some kind of maze to walk through.

Portable Glass Cases

During the Holiday season you will see many temporary markets and stands set up near the center or high traffic areas of your town or city. Vendors and crafts people will try to sell their wares to the locals while displaying them in portable glass cases. Since these same vendors are participating in numerous public fairs throughout the year the portable glass cases should be light weight and made sturdy. Portable glass cases usually do not exceed forty eight inches in width and are made using clear tempered glass. Tempered glass is more resistant to shock and breakage. Your typical portage glass showcase will be laid on some high and strong folding table. Sliding lockable glass doors or a glass lift top door are basically the two ways one can access the inside of a portable glass showcase. The base plate on which the glass panels sit usually does not exceed two inches. Once again limited weight is the basic consideration when building glass cases that are easy to lift, carry and transport.

Solid Sides Wall Whowcases

Your typical wall display showcase consists of a lower cabinet base, a top canopy, glass panels all around and a set of lockable sliding doors in the front. Schools, universities, museums and institutions in general have often other requirements when it comes to glass wall display cases. Since often a whole group is installed with each one placed side by side the glass cases will be manufactured with solid wood sides. The result is to give a more compact look to each wall showcase. The solid wood sides may be stained and finished identically on the outside and inside. Solid wood wall display showcases do require additional lighting to be installed in the top canopy since they do not benefit from the natural light coming through the sides. Solid wood sides will provide the added structural strength whenever one wants to recess their wall showcase into a wall. Here obviously the lateral visibility within the wall showcase is of no concern. Solid sides wall units also allow for an easy compartmentalization within the glass area. This is what many institutions are looking for when purchasing wall display showcases.

Jewelry Showcases and Pedestals with Metal Base

Very upscale jewelry stores and brand name accessory stores are now using uniquely designed jewelry showcases and pedestals to promote their brands. Image is everything for showroom exclusive retail stores. A flagship store needs to feature sleek, stylish, one of a kind glass showcases. Actually the trend makes glass jewelry cases with metal structures to support them more and more trendy. The metal bases under the glass display area may be made of metal rods that are shaped in innovative ways. Glass top pedestals may also have solid metal bases that are sculptured. Metal as a medium is easy to shape in a multitude of forms and designs. Consequently the creation of unique glass jewelry cases and pedestals is an open field. Talent, creativeness and aesthetical perception are what it takes to come up with the one and only glass jewelry showcase that will once for all identify the brand.

Tall Cabinet Glass Cases

Your average tower and wall case is over six feet tall and has sealed tempered glass panels on four sides. Consumers though will not bend all the way down to the floor to look at products displayed at the very bottom. While merchandise is set on the very lowest glass shelves it is never looked at. To offset this issue glass cases companies are building glass cases with tall base cabinets. The prospective buyer just has to lower their eyes to view the contents. To make up for the so called lost displayed area lockable storage areas are built in within the base cabinet. This in turn will leave more available floor space to move in additional glass cases. It is one way to take full advantage of the ever increasing cost of retail space.

Seasonal Display Showcase

At the end of the year and holiday time retailers are trying to maximize their sales. Showing the more popular giftware merchandise all at once and distinctly is a challenge. Store owners will choose to categorize their products using additional display showcases specifically for the season. They will either buy or rent the added display showcases. Retailers will paint and decorate them with cheerful holidays ornaments, colors, scripts and display inserts. Free standing glass display towers are the favorite seasonal display showcase. Since they are pre assembled they can be installed quickly. Tower showcases are equipped standard with rollers under the base cabinet and can be moved in and out or to different areas promptly. Casters are an important feature when considering seasonal display showcases. This will allow store owners to roll them just outside of the front door for the day to attract more traffic in. The holiday season is short and competitive. You want to attract all the traffic you can.

Glass Display Cases with Lateral Dividers

Public areas such as convention centers, airports, official buildings need to be able to display objects, products and documents to a constant flow of people coming from all directions. These central areas are rather crowded and designers are looking for ways to create visibility from all angles. Creating a wide rectangular display case with a solid divider in the middle of the depth of the glass showcase is one way to do it. It creates the effect of having two display cases back to back. The typical glass display cases with a lateral divider is around twenty four inches and has two sets of fully adjustable tempered glass shelves. One on each side of the showcase central divider. Since merchandise or documents will need to be loaded from each of the two sides of the glass showcase it will be equipped with two sets of lockable sliding doors. This category of glass cases are quite large, stable and cost effective in view of how much they can display.

Office Furniture and Cash Counters

Companies and retail stores alike are looking for well designed, rational and comfortable office furniture. Making the working environment appealing will in return increase profitability. Cash counters of all shapes are an integral element of reception areas and office space. Cash counters act as desks, organizers, focus points and checking out stands. The design of a cash counter will vary according to its primary use. It may be straight and liner , angled or curved following different radiuses patterns. Standard cash counters have a flat top area with a ledge for enhancement. A small elevated writing area is common. Drawers, multiple adjustable shelving, pull out trays, lockable storage, custom designed areas for computer terminals are all individual options. Manufacturers will add them up while assembling and finishing the ordered cash counter. As a piece of equipment and furniture cash counters should be made to satisfy the everyday needs of particular users.

Glass Display Showcases Donations to Schools

Over the last decade public schools have had to contend with some serious reductions in their overall budget. This has translated in stringent limits or cancellation of the purchase of much needed equipment. On the other side the resale value of glass display showcases is very low. In many cases it is even lower than the cost of moving them out of the space they are in. Glass display showcases manufacturers and retailers that are remodeling their store are better off just making a donation to a school of their choice. The donation of a glass showcase to a school or institution is tax deductible and it will benefit a good cause. The school maintenance staff will come to pick the glass showcases at your location thus saving costs. Instead of wasting time trying to sell your used showcases for little money by making a glass display showcase donation to a school you are cooperation in the improvement of your community.

Jewelry Showcases with a Higher Glass Area

Conventional quarter vision jewelry showcases have been manufactured with a twelve inches top glass display area for the last decade. Consequently all the inserts velvet displays were designed to fit exactly within these dimensions. Walking in jewelry stores over the last year observant consumers will notice a new trend in the designing and manufacturing of jewelry cases. While the overall height of the jewelry cases has stayed the same now the top glass display area are fourteen to eighteen inches tall. This had dramatically changed the overall look of many jewelry showcases. The consequent decrease in the cabinetry size has caused substantial savings in manufacturing costs. The new look glass jewelry showcases have a more open feel, look less crowded and have become similar to museum glass display showcases.