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Solid Wood Museum Showcases

Counter high cases and free standing pedestals form the bulk of what is called museum showcases. All are manufactured with two essential components: a base cabinet and a glass top display area. Museum glass cases can vary in size and design. Museums like to reflect a sense of permanence and warmth and a solid wood museum showcase does exactly that. Solid wood glass cases are appreciated for their strength and durability. They can be stained in many different finishes depending on the d├ęcor where they will be used. Museum pedestals and counter high showcases may be equipped with some form of lighting such as fluorescent or LED. Their solid wood base cabinet will act basically as furniture to the eyes and touch.

Tower Display Cases Are Attention Getters

New lines of merchandise, trendy items, theme oriented collectibles need all the attention they can get. Since tower display cases can be set up by themselves in most areas of any given retail space they are the ideal display to fill this purpose. Glass tower cases come in square, rectangular, round and oval shapes. Since glass towers are manufactured on casters they can easily be moved around wherever it is convenient. Tower cases are always equipped with multiple fully adjustable glass shelves thus allowing for the displaying of a large amount of merchandise. Being all see through they are visible from everywhere and far away. Many retailers choose to display a specific line of products on any given specific shelf within their tower display case. It does reinforce the concept of brand identification.

Lighting for Glass Display Cases

Glass display cases function are to display items within them. Since the cases are built with glass natural lighting from artificial lighting in the room or natural light from the window will illuminate the contents of the case. In most cases this is not sufficient and the case itself will have it's own lighting within. The two main lighting options are top lights which are built into the top cabinet and sidelights which are attached to the sides of the case. Other possibilities include pole lights which are generally installed in pedestals and jewelry cases. Lighting options offered include halogen and LED. Halogen provides a yellower light and LED a very white light. Top lights are built into the top cabinets and provide a large amount of light. Side lights are used to add additional light and also provide lighting on lower parts of the glass display case where it can become dimmer because shelves and objects on the shelves stop the light from the top lights from illuminating the lower area of the glass display case.

Optical Showcases

Opticians and eye glass stores need a way to display eye glass frames in a convenient and safe way. The only option available to accomplish this is by having specially made optical display cases. A common optical display case is the wall case with vertical rods with frame holders. This allows a large number if eye glass frames to be displayed in a safe and accessible way. Eyeglass frames sit on the holders and can be easily picked up and tried on by customers. Shadowboxes are another popular alternative for displaying eyeglass frames. These hang on the wall and also contain vertical rods and frame holders. Cases may be open or have locking sliding doors for security purposes. Finally, optical dispensing tables are counter height cases where sales person and customer can sit down facing each other and discuss the needs of the customer. These cases can have an enclosed display area, drawers, and pull out decks.

Display Cases for Movie Theaters

Movie theaters receive a large amount of foot traffic in their lobbies. A variety of posters for movies are displayed. Glass display cases make a lot of sense for a movie theater lobby. These lobbies have a tremendous amount of open space, there is a large amount of foot traffic and movie paraphernalia that would interest movie goers can be displayed within the cases. Items displayed within the cases can either be for sale or just for entertainment purposes. Glass display cases come with locking doors which will protect the items being displayed. Many movie theaters only have posters displayed, yet could enhance the total experience of movie goers by having for example beautiful wall display cases full of movie paraphernalia. As movie theaters become more competitive with each other glass display cases can be a useful tool to differentiate themselves from other venues. Different model display cases can be sued in a movie theater from wall cases, to tower cases and even shadow boxes.

Wall Display Cases

Wall glass display cases are functional and allow you to display a vast amount of merchandise on multi layers or shelves. They can vary much in width, height and depth and can fill the displaying requirements of many businesses. Wall cases are commonly manufactured with fully adjustable shelves and may have an optional lockable storage cabinet in their base. When very narrow in depth it is recommended that the wall display showcase be attached to the wall it is placed against. This can be done by drilling some holes inside the top canopy and then screwing it to the studs in the wall. Wall display showcases may be manufactured with thin cabinets at the base and top leaving a large glass display area in the middle. Alternatively wall glass showcase may have a tall base cabinet with storage and a four to six inches tall top canopy. Many looks are available. In the case of very wide wall cases center dividers will be installed for structural integrity. Wall glass display cases are by far the most popular displays.

Trophy Display Cases

Trophies and memorabilia are one of a kind symbols of achievement and recognition. As a source of pride everyone wished to keep them intact and well preserved. Trophy glass display showcases are available as free standing towers, wall glass trophy cases, glass top pedestals, wall hung shadow boxes to protect and safeguard different sizes, shapes and configurations of awards. The vast majority of manufacturers has switched to tempered glass for the making of the glass display areas. Acrylic and plastic do scratch and turn yellow overtime which will spoil the clarity and visibility of the object within the trophy glass display case. Manufacturers are building the cabinetry of any of their trophy cases sturdy since some of the awards are made of solid metal or leaded glass. Large glass trophy cases are installed on casters since they will be set against a wall and will not be moved. On the other side glass top pedestals may be set up on wheels for more flexibility. Either way glass trophy showcases are the ultimate way to protect your cherished memories.

Glass Display Cases

In our highly competitive retail environment on one side and the constant budget restrictions on the other side individual retail business owners have to make some hard decision when it comes to the purchase of glass display cases. You want to create a look of your own but can you really afford it? You want to redo your whole store with the latest in glass display showcases but will it ever fit your budget? Should you give priority to the lighting, a new floor or to the glass showcases proper? How long do you foresee occupying your current space? All these are intangibles that affect all store owners when choosing which type of display cases to use and how much to spend on them. Overall manufacturers have witnessed that retailers are doing only some partial glass showcases remodeling within their existing space.

Glass Jewelry Counter Cases

When walking into malls and shopping centers you are seeing more and more glass jewelry showcases on legs. The glass display area looks like it is suspended in the air and the legs act as a basic, simple support. Most of these glass jewelry showcases are manufactured with some LED lighting and the glass panels are joined together using optically clear adhesives. Storage areas are mostly absent in these new jewelry cases designs. This may be due to the new inventory rules where you basically will showcase all that you have for sale. Inventory control and reduction are necessities nowadays. One will also notice that the glass jewelry showcases are built considerably higher nowadays thus raising the merchandise right under the customers eyes. Very little is seen of solid wood veneer finish with dark stain finishes. New glass jewelry showcases are light in color and very even in shade. This coming spring season will show what the newest trends in glass cases are.