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Glass Display Showcases Manufacturers

The industry has changed considerably over the last ten years. With the introduction of glass display showcases made in the Orient the whole dynamic of the market has changed. With the advent and expansion of the imports from the Orient a whole section of the glass display showcases has been absorbed by foreign manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers have had to readjust their designs, quality standards, production time and marketing. For these companies, stores, institutions looking for a quality long lasting glass showcases available in a wide variety of finishes the only alternative is domestic. When it comes to custom projects that have to be completed within a specific date and require mutual understanding and detailed communication domestic glass display showcases are the only solution. The emphasis on quality standards and competitive pricing have done much good on the industry overall. Additionally we could say that one does not become a professional glass display showcases overnight and just by opportunity. It is first a craft that has to be refined and developed over many years. Architects, store planners, designers will only establish and complete their projects with the help and assistance of domestic glass display showcases manufacturers, This is pretty much where the industry stand nowadays.

Custom Made Tower Showcases

The vast majority of free standing glass towers are square, rectangular and circular shaped. Glass display showcases manufacturers are supplying a vast number of standard sizes. The most popular sizes are seventy three to seventy six inches tall by eighteen inches to twenty four inches deep or wide. Some industries like the fashion world, museums, libraries and government agencies do require custom sized glass tower cases. They may be used to display a mannequin, some large artifacts, a unique exhibit. Since they have the technology, machinery, production capacities domestic manufacturers have pretty much the exclusivity on this market. Some of the large glass towers may be made with or without glass shelves depending on their projected use. They require professional and careful handling at all stages of the production. The custom size cabinetry is a simple enough issue to resolve. The handling and assembly of extra large glass panels is more delicate and will require highly trained individuals in as well as specialized tooling. Creating and completing large custom made glass tower showcases requires the rethinking of the structural integrity of the whole item. This is due to the substantial weight of the tempered glass and to the fact that the custom tower case will have to be occasionally moved. If necessary shipping it to an outside location will also require additional and custom crating.

Recessed Glass Showcases

One way to save a substantial amount of space and to increase the direct visibility of the products is to install recessed glass showcases within your walls. This works well for retail stores, museums and exhibit areas. This type of recessed wall glass cases are often called wall shadow boxes. They can be made in many width and heights. Their depth will vary on how deep you want to insert or recessed them into your wall. The lighting is installed conventionally in as well as the transformers and switches. When installing them the issue is to leave enough extra open space within the inside of the wall so that there is adequate ventilation. Excessive heat should not be allowed to accumulate. Installers will do a cut off in the existing wall in order to place the recessed glass showcase. Once inserted a differential open gap will be left open. It is usually from a quarter of an inch to an inch and a half. For decorative purposes and in order to mask the gap manufacturers are using some cut to size beveled or molded framing all around the recessed glass showcases. The results are striking and render an effect of unique value to the merchandise displayed.

Glass Top Trophy Pedestals

Sports clubs, schools, universities, associations are constantly in need to display their existing and newer trophies and awards. They find that glass top pedestals are one of the better ways to show off these symbols of accomplishment. For one the trophy or award will be fully enclosed in a completely sealed glass top area. Most manufacturers can install some optional LED lighting inside to highlight the look of the trophy. This will work well with acrylic or leaded glass awards. Glass top trophy cases may be made with different base cabinet heights. This will differentiate any given trophy from the next one and bring it added value. The finish of the bottom cabinet may be laminated or solid wood veneer completed with a wide selection of stain finishes. Most glass top pedestals have a solid wood base but they are also available on wood tapered legs, elegantly formed metal legs or on Queen Ann wood legs. For security purposes the glass top areas of pedestals are either tempered or laminated glass, The glass area of any pedestal may be equipped with a hinged door, a slide out deck or simply lifted of the base cabinet. In all cases manufacturers are nowadays using state of the art locking mechanisms to prevent any occurrence of theft. Manufacturing quality is of the essence since all trophy glass pedestals are kept for many years.

How To Pick The Right Display Showcase Manufacturer?

When it comes to put together or remodel a new space one has first to set up budget perimeters. Aside from the lighting and flooring the purchase of new glass display showcases and cabinets is a substantial expense. A multitude of display cases manufacturers are offering all types of service on the market. When trying to put together an attractive store or exhibit one should pay attention first to the quality and value of the goods offered. Selecting an established display showcase manufacturer will allow you to check their track record and to visit, talk or question their previous customers and projects. You definitely want to select the company that can complete your project from A to Z and that has a clear understanding of your expectations. Ideally you should visit their manufacturing plant. It will tell you a lot about them. Talking to their design team, questioning in details their customer service department will tell you a lot as to how they value their customers.

Glass Display Cases in Airports

Airports are high traffic areas. They are also welcome places where the largest local companies enjoy advertising their activities, where the city, county, state agencies like to feature trophies, memorabilia and artifacts. All this has to be safe, visible and kept clean for all of us to enjoy. Tempered glass and lockable glass display cases are the most efficient to keep all the information and object in clear sight. Most glass showcases you will see are free standing tower showcases. Most of them are as large as twenty four inches deep by twenty four inches wide and eighty inches tall. Obviously you do not want glass display cases spread all over the airport and therefore want to concentrate the most merchandise within the fewer displays. Some of the glass display cases are simply bolted to the floor for additional security, other are mounted on industrial strength casters for flexibility. One way or the other they surely attract the attention.