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Wall Shadow Boxes with Dividers

Fitting the walls of a retail or exhibit space with shadow boxes has many advantages.For one it adds up to the existing display area. Secondarily it decorates and warms up walls that otherwise may be left blank.Commercial spaces often have an irregular configuration. They may be very deep or very wide with extra long walls. Since wall hung shadow boxes can be custom made in a variety of sizes one may choose to install on such a wall a four to six feet wide display. A wall shadow box with a center divider is the perfect solution. The center divider will provide additional support between the base and top cabinets. It will allow to segregate the otherwise too wide tempered glass shelves. By having a center divider in your shadow box you multiply the number of glass shelves by two. By doing so you create way more displaying sections. In return you will be able to group, categorize, identify the contents more efficiently. Wall shadow boxes with dividers are fantastic marketing and presentation tools.


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